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  1. My primary care doctor was able to recognize it.

  2. Wow what a hero you are! Do you have to tell your mommy everything? YTA

  3. Original Beverly Hills 90210. However in my brain Kelly ends up with Brandon and Dylan and Brenda are shacking up in the UK.

  4. Those T shirts that changed colour with heat.

  5. Hypercolor! You just unlocked a core memory for me!

  6. salma hayek is in a cult but shes not in a book to movie adaptation

  7. Details please. How is this not widely known??? What cult is she a member of?

  8. YTA…let me tell you a little story. A few months after giving birth to my first child, I attended a party. As I put on my dress, I felt frumpy since I still needed to lose some of the extra weight. With this mindset, I went to the party and in walked the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She, like Tiffany, was dressed appropriately for the event but it was like every eye in the room went to her. Inside my head I was thinking ohh look at this lady, making me feel extra fat and insecure. Thankfully before I opened my mouth to say something to my friends, I heard myself. This lady was just living her life, she didn’t look at me and say hey what’s up frumpy dump. I did that to myself. I was feeling insecure in my post pregnancy body and took it out on some random stranger. I’m sure you looked gorgeous in your wedding dress and Tiffany didn’t go out of her way to out-stage you. You should apologize to Tiffany and learn from this mistake.

  9. Did I say it triggered me? Nope. I said he wouldn’t still “get it” in my opinion (which is what this subreddit is for…opinions) SHOCKER and opinion differs from yours. If men wearing skirts is attractive to you then by all means, indulge. For me, I’d rather have a manly man. I’m glad the feminine men have at least some people interested in them.

  10. I never judged you for your choice. I just said his penis wants a chat. He does have a penis. The skirt didn’t eat it.

  11. But a penis isn’t what makes a man, according to you. So i don’t know why his penis would be your argument point.

  12. Troll you have been fed, now return to your bridge! Make sure to eat only the straight, gender conforming children or you might turn gay.

  13. My MIL did kind of the same thing. She said that LO (only grandchild) belongs to them as well. And wanted sleepovers when he was 3 months olds.

  14. Who in their right mind wants a sleepover with a 3 month old?!?

  15. Ugh I used to have such a crush on Casey. Then I found out he’s an absolute garbage person. Are he and Joaquin still friends?

  16. 🎵what would you do if your son was at homeee 🎵

  17. Did anyone see the Intervention episode with Robby from City High? I think he was battling alcoholism.

  18. I lost my best friend to suicide and I just felt lost in the following weeks. However this website has lots of helpful info and resources:

  19. Vin Diesel! I can handle him as Groot but nothing else. I will say Helen Mirren’s love for him has softened my position on him.

  20. Someone else mentioned Jessica Simpson, how abt when Jessica Simpson asked if Buffalo had wings lol? And Ashlee’s embarrassing gaffe on SNL (iconic)? Also, as a big John Mayer fan I recently learned he dated not just Katy, Taylor, Jen Aniston and Jessica Simpson, but also Vanessa Carlton!! Cameron Diaz! Jennifer Love Hewitt!! Omg and Miley Cyrus!!!!

  21. Wasn’t Your Body is a Wonderland about Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  22. Tom Hardy, Diego Luna and I was going to say Dylan O’Brien but I couldn’t finish the second Maze Runner film.

  23. Hey, I know him too!!! 😊 I’m honestly totally surprised at this reputation that he has. Nothing that I read about him in this sub adds up to the person I know.

  24. You can be a great person and still be a shitty sheriff/politician.

  25. My man pride got hurt cos female said it would be hard for me. She was right so I blame female. Me, man! YTA.

  26. I just saw him last week and he put on an incredible show! I’m glad he’s putting his mental health first. He got teary eyed a couple of times when talking about the pandemic and being away from his fans. If you get a chance to see him live I high recommend it!

  27. Nope. I talked to Mandy about not bringing these up at all in front of Kendall because that would trigger her. Mandy is trying to not talk to her as much. But Kendall will walk right up to her and talk her ear off the prove something I guess?

  28. Do you actually like your girlfriend? Really think about it. She appears to be the enemy in your and Mandy’s relationship. YTA.

  29. NTA…why do all of these people have your cell phone number? I don’t even think my own cousins have my number.

  30. Iv already had CT scan,and ultrasound and it was normal and they didn't see anything

  31. Well that’s good news! Like the other poster said DR doesn’t usually look like that. Have you tried doing the DR finger test? You can find videos on YouTube.

  32. If you still have it I would love the whispering spear. I play through Xbox under foomanpoo.

  33. Cool! I’m QueenEtherea86. Let me know when you have time!

  34. Okay I added you as a friend. I’m on right now but will also be on tomorrow.

  35. Do you have a tumblr account? I know you can find deleted fics there. Was it an Elu fic?

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