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  1. Don't know if you're still having this issue, but you aren't the only one. Just downloaded the game during this free weekend and I'm having the same issue. If not, did you find a way to fix it?

  2. There are some awesome lego sets. With SW I would start with 75288 or Millenium falcon 75257. Both sets around 120 wich is a good starting price if you are still looking if this hobby is for you but both sets with some body and real builds.

  3. I appreciate your reccomendations, to tell you the truth I have been eyeing up that ATAT over the past couple of days. Thanks for the help!

  4. I'd say the Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX- 221/236 from Cosmic Eclipse. The artwork is absolutely stunning, and it brings a nice close to the sun and moon era in general. I would say this card will be one people will see as a highlight card even for years to come. Also, when Galar friends eventually gets an english copy, likely in Brilliant Stars, I would add that aswell as it's by far the most unique trainer card alongside Alola friends and is an amazing commemoration to Gen 8.

  5. “Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you're doing is worth it?”

  6. Anything to do with price triggers people on this sub. It's like they wanna ignore the fact that there is a monetary aspect to this.

  7. No, you may aswell just buy the cards as singles from Ebay, TCG Player etc. It has no packs so you're basically just buying the Charizard tag teams and bulk cards since it's a deck.

  8. I've seen these kinda cards a few times and from what I've heard there isn't a concrete answer. I would personally say it's been faded via UV over time

  9. No, I'd say it just comes down to personal opinion, and I'm not even from there. I don't think the Pokemon company ever officially named these cards either. Personally I agree though, it should be alternative art

  10. Not everyone is investing and chasing value. How do people like you even enjoy cards if all you’re focused on is the monetary aspect?🤦🏽

  11. Umm... I didn't say that lol. Maybe you didn't understand my post, all I said was that it's pointless to grade with ACE 'if' your focusing on the monetary aspect. They have nice labels and the pricings low, so if that's what 'you' care about then go for it. I'm not a grading elitist, just pointing out a disadvantage to using ACE over another reliable grading company. If you aren't looking at the pros and cons of a grading company before you send over cards that are at the top of your collection, your just being impulsive and shortsighted.

  12. I agree, E-reader cards are unique but cool. Going into 2021 E-readers 'll be on my radar if we have a dry period of bad sets.

  13. I can't take this anymore lol, my back log of amazing cards I've got to get is growing more than it's shrinking. I still haven't completed my celebrations master set! Also I feel like this a continuation of the full art charizard EX from that pokemon art book awhile back, or at least reminds me of it.

  14. That's actually a really cool idea, think I might do this for 2021 in general since this is the year I got heavily back into the TCG. Got to include some Vmax climax, Celebrations and Evo Skies. Thanks for the idea OP!

  15. OP, you still banned? Also, how's your friend doing, he get banned aswell?

  16. Usually eBay is fine but you can also look into forwarding services like buyee/tenso and buy from Japan if it’s that much cheaper. Vmax climax singles are still turbulent so I would hold off on buying any of those until they fully enter the American market

  17. Thanks for the help! I agree on the Vmax climax point, I'll probably wait until the full set for brilliant stars releases and see which character cards I can pickup in English from TCG Player, then get the cards exclusive to Vmax Climax. Hopefully all the prices would have stabilized a little by late march/april.

  18. I don't think TCG Player sells Japanese cards though, right?

  19. Probably gonna open them up and slap them in a semi-rigid ready for grading. I don't grade many cards but since these are pretty special and will probably be pretty collectable in the future, I feel like I should send it off with my full art pikachu promo.

  20. I bought the test tube Mewtwo for 50 and the Mew for like 30 def good cards to grab. Get a good deal tho and don't worry about condition too much just get copies that are near mint

  21. Vmax Climax, however I have high hopes that the majority of these cards will arrive in English with Brilliant Stars or sets afterwards.

  22. I've found some on etsy. Obviously it depends which seller you buy from but they definately have some cases there. I just bought some plastic ones for about 5 bucks. Enough to keep the seal from getting broken.

  23. Yeah I needed umbreon for my set, now only need zekrom to finish it. Was just hoping for a banger of a box haha

  24. Wow, I wish I was at your stage in terms of master set completion for celebrations. I've still got the big 3 to go, plus a bunch of other random cards. Almost got the base set down though. Good luck on that zekrom bro!

  25. I have had very good luck with celebrations to be fair haha. I got 3 etbs when they came out and got the big three from them, pulled another zard from the dragapult boxes and got the gold mew from the mini tins! Good luck :)

  26. Wow, you sure are lucky lol. I'm just gonna buy them as singles from now on. Good luck to you too! :)

  27. You gonna open those on christmas? If so I wish you luck on the pulls!

  28. What website was this from? I'm assuming it's a UK website from the currency right?

  29. Thats weird because on the pokemon center site they said released on december 3.. when i click on BUY it send me on the tcg card shop but they are nowhere to be found..... why is it so hard to get just ONE box...

  30. I'm pretty sure these boxes were delayed until some point in January, hence why you can't buy one. For some reason they haven't updated this on there site though.

  31. I've bought from them and sent in bulk several times and never had any issues!

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