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  1. I think so yeah. Personally know passholders who switched over.

  2. Yet for some reason everyone knows how to calculate a tip percentage when at a restaurant or account for the sales tax percentage not being applied in the price tags in stores

  3. I read from someone that A and W didn't have customers anyway and people just prefered to go somewhere else. But this is USA we're talking about

  4. Yeah our A&W's here suck though love their Root Beer.

  5. Good maybe somepoint they will actually be flexible on their red lines as we are expected to be on ours

  6. Lot of what the UK desires contradicts other aspects of Brexit or WTO rules that now apply.

  7. I'd honestly rather just work extra shifts unarmed.

  8. Built a farm in survival producing ~300 villagers an hour :(

  9. Rotten flesh for trading? Mass witch production with Channeling?

  10. Frost Walker boots on an armor stand will trigger upon chunk/world load.

  11. Still have a shirt and the cardboard Lighthouse box.

  12. My neighborhood is being flooded by the poor planning for storm water runoff from NEW neighborhoods that surround us.

  13. Honestly I wouldn't trust official flood risk assessments. Land developers have good reason to bribe people.

  14. flood assessment is determined by FEMA and uses existing information – not engineering studies. Info is provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies, State and local agencies, and historic records.

  15. Doing own research in addition to looking at assessments your tax dollars pay for is just best. They obviously have gotten it wrong before, whatever the reason.

  16. Definitely raise a good point. The female characters that stand out in memory all had something else going on in their backstory.

  17. I was forced to leave Germany because of the stress of having absolutely no idea what my rights would be. The EU’s approach was absolutely appalling, inhumane and cruel. Dismissing ringfencing of citizen’s rights as ‘we don’t do mini-deals’, as if the rights of millions of people was nothing, was the straw that broke my back.

  18. But you were not actually a citizen anymore there...

  19. "I will never ever, ever allow our democracy to be disrupted by unfair protests."

  20. One of the more ridiculous lies they've come up with.

  21. Yeah always thought our ancestors a bit extreme with the tar-and-feathers, but I get it now.

  22. Also an American. I do agree with you on lack of English American pride here. With decreased EU ties, I believe that Britain will have an even more one sided relationship with the Americans. Perhaps Britain might become more of an American vassal.

  23. Then again they could just not remember the abbreviation for pounds. I mean how lbs is the shortened version baffles me.

  24. From original Roman unit the Libra. Also where Britain's £ comes from.

  25. I really didn’t have it on my bingo card that Nancy Pelosi of all people was gonna call the CCP’s bluff.

  26. Maybe has something to do with the Dutch not having the history of black slavery, Jim Crow laws, minstrel shows etc that the US has? It's a little bit weird for one country to decide that something is not OK and then demand that every other country immediatly adopt the same attitude.

  27. Yeah we're weird like that unfortunately.

  28. Don’t understand humans at times. Those gators ain’t harm no one (as far as I can tell) and they seemed pretty chill considering how close they where around people. Shame assholes had to ruin that area.

  29. They're more patient than chill though people definitely need to leave them be.

  30. I think this is the wrong way round - the fact that it's 1 country and not 50 is the important thing.

  31. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

  32. Like the other poster mentioned it's more like the EU would be given a couple hundred years.

  33. Any other sites you could switch to?

  34. Would see about replacing the Ikea pieces and boob light. The rest of it looks great though.

  35. I just assume it comes from people that have recently died and their family is getting rid of the lot of their possessions.

  36. Some of it definitely is though also have plenty simply wanting to donate. I'll try and drop off a load whenever I declutter.

  37. Why cant people see the difference between immigration and illegal immigrants. As soon as you pay someone to take you into another country illegally you yourself should be classed as a criminal and not let into the country full stop. I cant go into Spain with no passport , money or ID so why should anybody else be able to do it ? I've worked with people who have come to this country through the correct ways so it can be done, these coming over in boats are jumping ques and shouldnt be allowed to touch British soil.

  38. Legally refugees(those who fled in fear of their lives and liberties) are classified differently than migrants(those who left for other reasons).

  39. Sure, Brits can move to Ireland and then claim citizenship after a few years, but most people probably aren’t able to make that time investment. You also need to find a job that’s probably located in Dublin.

  40. Be rough but if this is your dream then you should go for it.

  41. For me personally, I’ve just finished training as a pilot. It’s always been a dream of mine to be based all around Europe - which is obviously not possible now.

  42. Is it possible to work out of Ireland via the CTA or elsewhere via immigration?

  43. Brexit Benefit #1: more opportunity for food producers in the UK

  44. Eh, the shipping of perishables is a problem. Ditto the lack of farmhands in the UK.

  45. Wow ... If shipping of perishables stuff from EU to the USA is not a problem (7500km), how is shipping from non-EU countries to UK a problem? Morocco - UK is 3500 km, Turkey - UK is 4500 km.

  46. Sorry, mean items like butter, candy and Jams; are what I've seen coming here from EU. Very good quality.

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