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  1. This is why I bought the Swissmar Börner v-slicer mandoline.

  2. Oh wow, I never thought of them as math rock. What was your band called/where did you play?

  3. Mira, we were on Projekt Records. I was in the band for about a year, around 1998/1999 I think.

  4. I remember that band but mainly because they had a song on the CMJ New Music Monthly sampler I subscribed to. It’s possible Mira played with them at some point but not when I was in the band.

  5. Nice list. I actually played 1/2 of the guitar on the Mira track. :D

  6. Nah I don’t really care if you judge my situation.

  7. It isn’t even that though, the person using it is paying, not collective payment. It’s like saying a leased car is free because you don’t pay per trip.

  8. Lol I'm not angry at all. You're just an easily offended Karen...

  9. Your tone from the beginning was mean. You said they were failing at their job and when they responded in a nice way you kept getting angrier and angrier with each response. You are definitely angry.

  10. at least in the US, psychadelics were outlawed because Nixon wanted to crack down on drugs because drugs are heavily associated with black people, mexican people, and other forms of dissodence. depending on your definition of delusion i could entertain a more abstract interpretation of your argument but i am very wary of these types of arguments by default

  11. So true. Dissidence is literally the act of trying to expose a reality that the powerbase is obfuscating. Black folks and other people of color (Native Americans, etc.) as well as anti-war folks on the left were pointing out the problems with the American reality. Nixon (and anybody in charge really) wanted folks to think everything is just fine (the delusion), and that "drugs" is an enemy. This made it easy to target exactly the people the powerbase wanted to target.

  12. As a psychologist, I find it hard to conceptualise what Nietzsche actually meant in practical terms. You mention cognitive dissonance which I can fully see the relevance of, but what else in psychology did Nietzsche anticipate? I think of humanistic psychology, but I wonder if he would find it too weak or washed out. Beyond this, I’m left wondering what he actually envisioned. Perhaps that’s the point, I don’t know?

  13. I wonder if what he meant was that delusions are useful for a functioning society so why would society want more people tearing down those delusions and seeing reality for what it is. It used to be thought that depressed people and people with mental anguish of various kinds were the ones who are delusional but it's become pretty clear it's the other way around, and folks who don't have the ability to compartmentalize and push all the "bad stuff" and move on with the "happy thoughts" are the ones who are stuck in hard reality.

  14. I can only speak for myself but it's because I watch people toiling and making poor decisions based on what I think could be pointless, disadvantageous and potentially even harmful.

  15. Looks like whoever was driving the car got rated the 4th worst driver in March 2020 on

  16. I have a lot of experience with Lowell's old mill buildings, being an artist studio renter and a loft tenant for over 15 years. Here's my take on them, the good the bad and the ugly (without naming names)

  17. Do you mind if I PM you if I have any questions on specific places? Thanks.

  18. I had a full on breakdown at 12 when it was explained to me that this was going to happen every month forever. 😭

  19. Is there any kind of study or research that compares periods (and the awareness around it) with trauma?

  20. Considering in the past few months we heard about people finding out they were fired through a meme they got in their email (twitter) or by having their badge no longer opening the parking lot (google) - why doubt this is true?

  21. Because the person fired (or his wife, or someone else he knows) would have called the local news, posted on social media, probably talked to a lawyer and the story would have been so huge that the CEO would probably be forced to resign.

  22. Because racism, often confused with simple bigotry or prejudice, actually has a power element to it.

  23. If it's who I think you're talking about, I've seen him at the old Lord Overpass and also at the Dunkin Donuts on Chelmsford St. He almost looks like a character out of a dystopian post-apocalyptic movie right? He's got a distinct style. I've wondered about him for a while now but I've never actually stopped next to him.

  24. Things are worth what people will pay for them now... not the past nor the future.

  25. And it's going to get worse. I can't remember what year it was forecasting... 2030 or 2050... but a recent forecast said at the going rate 70% of the population will be in only 15 states, which means 70% of the Senate will represent only 30% of the population.

  26. My favorite Chinese in the "area" is Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica. I like them because their sauces aren't just sweet goopy overuse of corn starch like so many places. Plenty of sauces are supposed to use corn starch but it seems most places go way too heavy and add too much sweetening to appeal to American tastes.

  27. Well there is a difference between unpopular opinion and saying dumb shit

  28. True... but the rules literally say "if it's unpopular, upvote"

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