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  1. You ignoring the fact the UK has a different plug configuration than the rest of the world?

  2. European standards meant that all EU countries electric supplies had to run between 220-240V.

  3. Great summary. However as it was technically put on my doorstep, would they say it was delivered? But as I explained the delivery was botched and the courier handed it on a silver platter for anyone passing by for 4 hours.

  4. You didn’t get the item so the item wasn’t delivered.

  5. You bought something from an online retailer (UK I presume?) and you haven’t received it. Did you tell them to leave it on the public letter box? I guess not.

  6. The Irish Shield, from what I think is least to most recommended to support:

  7. Its not the same path though. Not that I agree with it but the odds are saying Ireland are more likely to finish first in the group which means they play NZ and more importantly avoid France. Plus the winner of runner up B (SA, Ireland) and winner A (France, NZ) plays England (probably) as opposed to the other matchup being Wales, Australia or Argentina.

  8. Sevens is boring and has little relevance to 15s. Players are better off developing their skills in the full game.

  9. I’d never think to watch any sevens games on TV but I was at Twickenham earlier in the year and had an absolute blast watching the games… and drinking

  10. Pretty certain that was a try but I have a clue what was going on there

  11. Did that go dead? Didn’t see the original kick and the replay cut away at the critical point!

  12. Isn’t that obvious? Was anyone under the delusion that consumer electronics didn’t need to obey the laws of physics?

  13. In this subreddit we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

  14. I wholeheartedly agree, but I promised myself I would stop thinking about it.

  15. It’s the new Ulster Saracens Heineken Cup quarter final red card incident from a few years back…

  16. Well that Ulster lineout wasn’t straight

  17. Wait why did we go back for the advantage so far away? Don’t get that at all

  18. Definitely should. Don’t want to Ruan our chances of winning any games.

  19. Ah dammit, I knew there would be a better way to fit it in.

  20. Haha I’ve only just noticed what you did!

  21. It's most definitely a you problem. If your insurer can't locate the third party it becomes a fault claim dramatically affecting your premiums for the next 5 years.

  22. Even if it’s not a fault claim your insurance will be affected

  23. Is it really the choice for film makers?

  24. This just might be the fastest iPhone ever

  25. “More active area” Except for the fact the content is just scaled up so you don’t actually get to fully utilise the increased screen size

  26. OP could also easily solve their coke problem by resetting their keyboard dictionary. Every time you misspell something it will remember that and use it to predict future typings. I tried GBoard for a time on iOS and it also is extremely annoying in different ways. For instance, it is pretty bad at automatically separating words you’ve typed but missed the space bar on, and will instead just leave you’re concatenated mess.

  27. Issue with resetting your dictionary is that it removes everything, there should be an option to delete individual words.

  28. There’s a man with strong antibodies

  29. Whether your artificial credit score goes up or down means absolutely nothing.

  30. It's insane that samsung phones do multitasking and windows better than iPadOS.

  31. My galaxy note 3 from 2013 did better multitasking than iPadOS

  32. How dare governments force companies to do things that will benefit the environment and consumers!

  33. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!

  34. Imagine TUV as the main unionist party it would show the world how much of a shitehole here is

  35. Aye cause the DUP doesn’t do a good enough job of that as it is

  36. files app is getting a huge update that alone is worth it to me

  37. And there is no reason why that couldn’t be a standalone app update

  38. kinda ridiculous I can't ask Siri if a flight has landed or its ETA

  39. I have two contacts in my phone called Alan and Alan 2. This is what happens if I want to call Alan 2

  40. It is, by the same token, weird what Siri can and can't read out loud.

  41. On android auto I loved being able to ask google what time x shop closed at.

  42. We are at the height of silly season but the fanboys still having a go at each other.

  43. Yeah I can’t figure out how Hamilton saying the red bull is a good car means he’s salty.

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