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  1. Does she not think of the side effects to all of these things she’s doing? Maybe individually the side effects might not be too bad, but what about this with the antidepressant with the Botox and plastic surgery and fillers combined with drinking and lack of nutrition in general? Isn’t part of being a mom taking care of yourself?

  2. I haven’t struggled with my ED in years, but this is very triggering. The number she weighs/her size isn’t what is triggering. It’s the disregard for health and the starvation that is. There were so many better ways to do this

  3. I strive to be like this 70 year old dude who I took care of post hip replacement. Only comorbidity was htn and it was controlled with a baby dose of lisinopril daily. He worse his joints out from hiking the at to many times. He was out running me down the hall as soon as his spinal wore off. Was talking ablut doing the at one more time to "break in the new hip". He looked better then most 40 year olds.

  4. I saw a reality TV show about people who survive near death experiences, and this 1 guy who was like 65 at the time survived a brutal stabbing attack and the doctors told him he only survived because he worked out every day therefore his heart was strong enough to withstand that. Made me think

  5. It’s all going to reveal itself in time. If she does have an actual eating disorder, she won’t allow herself to gain the weight back or eat normally and will continue losing until she’s either shipped off to rehab or dies. If she doesn’t have an eating disorder and this is just some horrible crash diet, she will soon either stop losing weight or gain some back.

  6. I also want to add that as somebody who did have anorexia for 6 years, it’s not the viibe. Like at all. Yes, I was skinny. Too skinny. But I also had seizures, lost my hair, got osteoporosis, infertility/hormonal imbalance, and permanent brain changes. Don’t want to say brain damage because that sounds like something you get from an accident, but it permanently changed and “damaged“, if you will, my neurotransmitters. Brain scans of people after suffering from anorexia show that their norepinephrine levels stay completely compromised and that, consequently has made my ADHD 10 times worse. Some of these things can be reversed, but they are only reversed with weight gain. And surprise surprise, you don’t have to be severely underweight, or even underweight at ALL to get any of these health effects or more! A lot of these don’t happen from being skinny, they happen from being malnourished and underfed. it literally can happen to any person who is not eating enough calories and micronutrients any day. I wish diet culture at least acknowledged how absolutely detrimental to the human body starvation is. Nothing sexy or enviable about somebody who is starving themselves. There’s no way I could have run a business or traveled when I was anorexic.

  7. I wish you well in your journey! My mother died this year from her eating disorder. It wrecked me. I don’t wish that for her girls. It’s devastating.

  8. I am SO sorry. That is unbelievably devastating. My son was my reasoning for recovering, it definitely gets hard at times though. So so sorry for what you’ve been through

  9. I wouldn’t wear the athletic set because that’s more 2013 in my opinion but I definitely do the oversized tshirt and big tennis shoes thing lol. It’s still “in” where I live.

  10. I woke up one morning feeling like I had been kicked in the crotch by a Clydesdale. The pain was so bad the best I could do was a pair of XL scrub pants and whatever tshirt I grabbed. Drove myself the 6 blocks to the ER I worked in, staggered in and begged for help. The doctor on duty was a fairly new, and very attractive woman. She told me that if I wanted, I could wait until her relief came in in a couple hours.

  11. My husband was just dx with an epididymal cyst. Is this something that could result from that?

  12. My SIL gave me the same advice about eating before going into surgery since she works in women’s health. I know the point of it is so you don’t pass out but wouldn’t eating make you more likely to vomit?

  13. I have CNA hospital experience so I’ve at least seen things be done or assisted with what I could, but yeah like you said, I’m terrified. All they care about in covid era nursing is getting you to pass the NCLEX. That part I actually do feel I’ve had adequate educating for. But in the real world you’re not test taking, you’re performing skills. I’ve even thought about going back to work to replace clinical experience but I don’t really have the time.

  14. Also 30 isn’t terribly old, I’m 26. There’s a woman in my cohort who just turned 50.

  15. Does activated charcoal induce vomiting or am I thinking of the old fashioned activated charcoal?

  16. No it normally does not cause vomiting It does absorb certain toxins

  17. Thank you! I took it in capsule form after an unintentional overdose on something and the EMT told me it would make me vomit. I did vomit, but I still don’t think it was from the charcoal

  18. You look pretty in both. Equating weight loss with beauty is dangerous. You didn’t become prettier because you lost weight. You became prettier because you started caring about yourself, and maybe that included taking better care of your body and losing weight. Losing or gaining weight is not synonymous with beauty.

  19. I can’t stand the various gender identities out there. He? She? Great! Born male but identify as female? Fine by me! They/them? Alright, sounds like you’re confused but I’ll go along with it. Zey/zed? You’ve lost me. I’ll politely refer to you as whatever, but I don’t UNDERSTAND beyond he/she/they.

  20. I still like watching some of the old old vlogs when she was productive and did mom/housewife stuff. Before all the travel and fake self imposed celebrity stuff. I also think all republicans were tolerable and mostly nice people with more old fashioned conservative values. I used to actually value people’s love and dedication to this country. Trump ruined ALL of that, I’m sorry. This whole trump era has made so many conservatives appear disgusting, including aaryn. I have friends and family who voted trump so I do try to look past that but with her I can’t. It’s a disgusting game to her to flaunt her trump dick sucking. He’s not president anymore and never will be again. Get over it. I also did respect when she stuck up for same sex marriages talking about the liightyear movie. I think most of her beliefs are because she’s trying to fit a certain “Texas country all American ranch girl”. I have no doubt she’s republican but most of her lifestyle choices go against her extreme beliefs she claims. Like she will inject herself with diabetic medication to lose weight but won’t inject herself with the covid vaccine to prevent long term health effects? The covid vaccine is way more researched than mounjaro for weight loss in non diabetics. And then telling her followers that kids should be exposed to LGBTQ communities but then voting otherwise?

  21. I feel like it is my calling. I’ve been interested in health and healthcare since I was 3. My mom bought me this body book for kids and I would look at it every day. I thought it was so cool. She always thought I would be a doctor though. As I grew up, I went back and forth between wanting to be a MD and a nurse, but I was always fascinated with nursing. In my late teens I developed some mental health issues and subsequently forgot about all my passions. After recovering from all of that and getting well, I became pregnant and fell in love with women’s health. Completed the rest of my nursing prereqs when my baby was 1 during covid times and got my CNA. Last September I started applying to nursing programs and got a CNA job at a level 1 on an infectious disease unit that had been taken over by covid. I cried driving home from work most days because I was so so happy to have found something I genuinely love. Started nursing school this past February. I’m in Med surg 2 right now and my overall grade is 97 and todays the last day. I definitely feel like I was made for this. In no way do I think I know everything (I actually feel like I don’t know enough most of the time) but my passion for nursing is what will help me get to the point where I’m educated and experienced enough to do my dream job as a trauma nurse.

  22. There’s just something that feels so wholesome about learning about the human body and helping people with their own. I’ve always been so trusting of people in this profession and hope to influence my own patients in the same way.

  23. My type by saweetie? I listen to that and other rap music all the time. It’s not like I sing along and if I do I don’t say those words. This is a reach!

  24. LPN to RN bridge programs are often entirely online aside from clinicals, which you do on your own, commonly at your own job where you work as an LPN.

  25. Really? I have heard of that, but what if you work in LTC and you need an OB or ICU clinical? Then what?

  26. Well, I’d imagine you’d contact your local hospital and ask to shadow a nurse on those floors. But I don’t think you understand how these bridge programs work. They don’t give a shit about what department your clinicals are in.

  27. Really? Why not? Sorry for all the questions. I just thought bridge programs were as serious as entry level RN programs

  28. I never felt euphoric on it or any different really in the beginning because I started slow (30 mg) who knows what mg aaryn started on though BUT some people say they experience the “vyvanse crash” when it starts to wear off your kind of moody and tired but I haven’t noticed this either. I’ve only been on it since mid May so maybe it will change as my body develops more tolerance but hopefully I just keep having smooth sailing

  29. I definitely get the crash. When it wears off I get kind of depressed and fall asleep. Going to ask my doctor about an adderall booster cause I’ve heard that can help

  30. I’m also on Zoloft so maybe that’s why I don’t crash not sure. I don’t take it for ADHD I’m on it for binge eating. I take vyvanse at 9 am, Zoloft and Olly goodbye stress vitamins at night. I stay pretty even keeled throughout the day.

  31. Ohhh okay maybe the crash is me noticing my ADHD symptoms coming back, and the reason you don’t get it is because you don’t have ADHD. That would make sense.

  32. Again, claiming it as some preventative measure against liver disease is just not accurate

  33. I don’t think it’s FDA approved to prevent liver disease and I don’t think that’s what the other commenters were saying. I think it’s just used to maintain overall health, including that of liver function. There’s no evidence against it preventing liver disease though. Would need a proper longitudinal study for that.

  34. Seriously. Supposedly the commenters here have advanced training and certifications in healthcare fields. They should be held to a higher standard of medical advice and recommendations.

  35. Well, idk anybody here personally (to my knowledge at least). Maybe some of them DO have advanced education or invaluable experience.

  36. I do think lpns and ADN rns are educated enough for the bedside. Maybe LPN more limited in critical care areas, but medsurg or step down units? Absolutely! I’m in LPN school and our entire curriculum is bedside based. I do see the value in higher education, but I don’t think it’s really that important unless your goal in nursing is to advance your degree and ultimately your role.

  37. I used to live there (grew up there) and honestly those rates surprise me. I thought it’d be much lower. Where did you work as an LPN? Did they make you do the whole new grad residency

  38. I worked in a nursing home as an LPN and yes I’m in the residency program and I like it much more than I expected I would. I’m definitely not complaining about the pay especially given that cost of living here is great. But there have been rumors about NHRMC being stingy with raises and new hires making more money than nurses who are grandfathered in.

  39. I went to 1 last week for years of back knots and pain. Didn’t go back after he asked me if my problems started after I got the covid vaccine

  40. My sister is a content creator. Not Instagram but tiktok. She has over 1 million followers, her own merch, fan pages, and a profile on the famous biirthdays website. As well as over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube now. She doesn’t make anywhere near a liveable wage on social media and still works part time in retail. Instagram, YouTube, and tiktok don’t pay nearly anything lol. Influencers/content creators get their money from ads and sponsorships with brands. Something my sister is only just getting into. 1 tiktok ad she made $1,000 and that’s the low end. I’m in nursing school right now. In my area and my level of education as a new grad nurse, I’m probably looking at low twenties per hour. Last year I worked in a level 1 trauma center on the covid unit as a nursing assistant, spending holidays, days, and nights in full PPE helping people on ten liters of oxygen by cleaning their stool off the bed because they were too weak to get up to use the bathroom. Going home and risking infecting my family. I did it because I love what I do and I was honored to work the front lines. However, these influencers are complaining for no fucking reason. They still get paid if they continue to support and advertise brands. They don’t get paid for the number of views the ad gets, they get paid for MAKING THE AD. They’re so self centered (not my sister) that they can’t deal with their views dropping. Has nothing to do with their job security. It’s such an unstable career. I wish my sister would choose to do something else with her life.

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