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  1. Look, I’ve enjoyed hearing him calling Cardinals games when MLB Network airs the Bally Sports Midwest feed more than the current guys in Detroit, but this is really inexcusable and I won’t be shocked if he gets fired and spends time in jail.

  2. That too. Articles from local St Louis TV stations I've read say this carries a maximum of four years behind bars if convicted.

  3. Thanks, but I’ll just stick to watching Wings games with Ken and Mickey.

  4. I literally can't bring myself to watch Montreal Canadiens games, that fucking french broadcast.

  5. I swear nascar can't for the life of it get a performance from someone from this damn century

  6. Not that i try to buy food at an airport anyway, but at least I know what NOT to get if I'm ever at DFW.

  7. Heyman not deciding to wait a year or two to see if this deal was a mistake or not?

  8. I mean, I do like those odds for the Thrashers so go for it.

  9. And that’s totally understandable when he’s done it for over 30 years.

  10. Honestly, F1 and Shanghai should just pull the plug on the Chinese GP altogether at this point.

  11. I may be an Elliott fan but I am truly shocked at this result.

  12. Only if Nintendo acknowledges Mario as the brothers' canon surname.

  13. Between that and the short snippet of her rallying her people to battle, this looks really promising for her character development.

  14. About time Metro Detroit got something like a Buc-ee's/Sheetz/Wawa/Casey's. Bring on the waffle houses as well.

  15. Idk if those images are truly official though, but we'll see what happens when we get closer to the release date.

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