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  1. You think Melania’s thinking “what the f*#k was that?”

  2. He might be the worst looking of the brothers. Such a weird mouth

  3. They both look like their heads were photoshopped on someone else’s body. And after seeing her face I can understand why she wanted to change it.

  4. Big fake boobs…check. Big diamond ring…check. Sexy gaze into camera…check. Sexy lace bra…check. Connection or comfort of baby? Non existent. She’s disgusting

  5. We believe you grocery shop as much as we believe Gramps spends time with these kids.

  6. It’s so obvious that all HiLIARia cares about is her body. A normal caring mom would stop when the child won’t calm down. Yeah laugh Hilz…you’re despicable

  7. Here’s a video he wanted to be heard. Pre-accident. Talking about THE covid, lovers and he keeps posing with his ridiculous mouth movement.

  8. After seeing this photo I can see why she went for a new face.

  9. Never mind Gramps scrolling…Griftaria has never and will never look this amazing. Will she head to the surgeon for face #6?

  10. I'm 100% convinced it's because she's had another cosmetic procedure and is laying low while healing

  11. Looks like Gramps had a procedure too. The huge eye bags are gone

  12. That would require spending more time with a child than it takes to photograph and post. Phony

  13. “Rocks a sharp suit?” More like belongs in a rocking chair…damn he looks like shit

  14. It’s a circus alright, 2 unstable narcissists and a herd of kids…throw in a handful of Nannie’s. Yikes that apartment must be hell

  15. She says “like” as much as a teenager who hasn’t outgrown that yet. She’s so full of sh&t…my kids get my phone, my kids don’t get screen time, my kids post on my Instagram. Which is it? When you lie all the time it’s hard to keep up. No?

  16. No matter what they wear or how “groomed” you can’t hide the ugly that comes from within both of them

  17. Not to get off track but photo 8 must be in her apartment before Gramps…look at the mess. Thank god she has housekeeper and Nannie’s can you imagine the mess 7 kids make and she obviously isn’t neat

  18. Did she really think this gimmicky shit was going to make her interesting? Even without the grift I look at these photos and think “ my God how weird”

  19. Can Gramps or Griftaria ever BE with those kids without their face in the phone.

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