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  1. Sounds Like Low German lol. Interesting that These languages are so Close.

  2. Like none. I mean if you keep busy and try thinking about people outside of eny sexual conotations theres not realy much to think about

  3. Well its a school wide bet. Valid victorian and boxer raise some brows. And the 700 is rough after convertion

  4. Problem is were like very close and wouldnt she tell me if it was for experementing instead of just like... doing it

  5. i've kissed my gay friend before

  6. Are you a packet of chips? Cuz everyone in the friend groups fingers have been inside you

  7. Nah cause I’m the slutty friend and everyone else may as well be a nun or smthn

  8. Ek meng die goed so much i dont even weet wat ek se helfte van die time but i kan probobly speak one at a time as en probeer

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