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  1. You can only have boundaries and consequences for manipulative and abusive behavior like this.

  2. Check this page out for road conditions, closures, and which roads are true 4 wheel drive territory.

  3. Our last trip through DV we had two phones, both up to date, one android, one iOS. Both pre loaded with maps.

  4. You are not a trained mental health professional, you are not an emergency responder, you have no training on dealing with suicidal people, so feel free to call in emergency services.

  5. OP you say “… these people can't take care of themselves.”

  6. The YA novel Sargasso of Space by Andre Norton published in 1955 fits your parameters.

  7. This is not it, but is essentially the same idea - a Larry Niven short story (I think it’s called The Coldest Place). IIRC the character freezes to a temperature close to absolute zero and his nervous system becomes superconductive thus maintaining his consciousness.

  8. This is a short story by Larry Niven called “Wait it Out” where an expedition with two astronauts to Pluto ends in disaster and one of the astronauts figures out a way to possibly prolong his life.

  9. We had a health scare a few years ago and figured out that we each had taken over part of the household chores so we decided to make sure either of us could do everything.

  10. You are correct, we don’t actually pay bills every week. We do set aside time every Sunday or Monday evening to pay bills, coordinate our calendars, make plans for the week, lay out future chores and do vacation planning or whatever.

  11. Find out the age of all major appliances, furnace, hvac, roof, and plan your long term budget for major repairs and maintenance like roof replacement, fence replacement, HVAC/furnace replacement, flooring and window replacement.

  12. NC is NC no what the situation. You went NC to protect yourself. You went NC because your AP behavior was so intensely bad for you that no other action on your part besides going NC worked.

  13. You’re right, NC is NC and I did it to protect myself and I shouldn’t feel bad doing so. My youngest brother only tells me stuff to just laugh at them or make sure I’m not blindsided. There’s no ill intent from him. He is struggling living there and I do want to be there for him when he was always there for me.

  14. Well you could read 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by that Jules Verne guy.

  15. Is it possible to add insulation to the garage ceiling or other areas to help with your cold floor issue?

  16. So Chinese MIL came to help. Right? Helping means actually helping and doing tasks that you and wife need done and ask to be done like cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, housecleaning, pretty much anything you ask for and nothing you do not ask for. Helping does not include demanding to be catered to, fed meals, given attention instead of baby, taken out on tourist adventures, etc.

  17. after 3 weeks she asked that we rebook flight because she was bored and didn't see enough of the baby. (daycare 3 days a week to keep the spot for when/if they leave, and god forbid that I , the dad, want to spend time with my baby) wife said no. wasted opportunity.

  18. You have a say in this. This is about what is best for the baby and for you and the mother.

  19. Looks good, very nicely done. And I like the color you ended up with. Goes well with the silver.

  20. We have family that are poor at communication, being on time about anything or making plans. Our method for managing this is to state what we intend to do, ask for input along with a deadline for that input and then move forward with what we want to do if no input given by our deadline. We no longer let our life be put on hold by others inability to communicate or plan. If traveling or going to an event we no longer try to share a car, if going to a restaurant we will say meet you there at x time and if they do not show within a few minutes we eat without them if they don’t respond to a call or text.

  21. Would this be a religious school? If so then the schools therapists may not actually be anything other than laypersons assigned to talk you into respecting elders, and obeying authority.

  22. If venting your anger directly at them is giving you guilt you might want to just write it all down in a “burn letter”. Basically write all your rage, hurt, anger, and pain out in a letter you never will send to them.

  23. “You are too sensitive “ is abuser language for “Stop calling me out for abusing you.”

  24. Be sure to let the judge know you already offered to pay the vet fees and they refused. Judges dislike having a case that could have been settle before going to court.

  25. A few phrases to use. The less you explain or say the better. Just set your boundary. It is your practice and can make whatever rules and decisions you want.

  26. Thank you Orange, my fiancé said the same thing. But I was taught that family is everything, that no one else will help me like my family… I want to leave but I know it isn’t the right thing to do, I would look like a coward.

  27. I learned not to wear any jewelry or expensive watches when working.

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