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  1. Jokes on her. I'm gonna King Tut her and have her cremated with me... Unfortunately for her she hasn't passed on yet

  2. Thanks, I'm rolling out to Westpoint rn from Rosewood, hopefully it lasts lmao

  3. I'm just barely able to fit some extra hood repair materials in my trunk from the literally mountain of guns and ammo I got from the military surplus in doe valley lol

  4. There is a skill of balance with that too, needing to counterweight yourself. I'm curious on how a genuine exercise routine like that would play out

  5. Well I still enjoy them at 21 so you can take your opinionated pill and stuff it

  6. I'm a forever DM who runs games in world's I make myself. I'm still calling it 'Race'.

  7. I bought the game, I’ll play it how I want. If it’s how I have fun then that’s all that matters.

  8. Well put. I'm moreso just trying to understand how you have fun with that playstyle. Like is the payoff worth the time invested?

  9. I play probably 80% aggressive and 10% meme loadouts. The last 10% is when I’m tired and I know my reactions are slow and I just want to sip a drink and try to click heads from 300m.

  10. Posts like this always confuse me. 9/10 times I haven't seen the subject they're about at all.

  11. My squad was playing in an interceptor with a nuke to be funny. A ship deployed three pods and began chasing us. We ran and eventually discovered the merchant ship. They were still chasing so we turned and my buddy fired the nuke at the merchant ship, killing all the pods in the last. I guess a fourth one was nearby because we instantly left laughing our asses off only to find he has 4 kills instead of 3

  12. He'll either lose his license or go to work for Trump.

  13. Thank you. At the time I was extremely introverted and I don't think I was on Reddit yet. If I ever do it again, I'll post in

  14. You should also try to reach out to me about it, I'd love to come hangout on MC. Only issue is I rarely look at that subreddit and I don't use reddit that often lol

  15. I will for sure. Just don't know if I have the motivation now lol. I haven't played in years

  16. I'll have to find the name of the mod pack but my girlfriend showed me a really cool mod pack a few weeks back that turns Minecraft into a fantasy like RPG. It's super cool and makes it feel fresh

  17. I guess on who’s side is the big question

  18. That's something that annoyed me to no ends when discussing the second world war. Yes there were full hearted Nazis in the German military but no not every German soldier was a Nazi.

  19. My group always invited the quiet kids to come sit with us. We would joke around and try to make them feel included. Met some really cool people that way. Only backfired once when the kid turned out to be REALLY and I mean REALLY into drawing gore porn in his sketchbook that, no joke, he hissed at a teacher for trying to take away. Like a cat. Still laugh about it to this day

  20. First time I've heard of any shooting through walls hacks if so. Where at?

  21. I've experienced it first hand. A dude with a trench gun trying to shoot me through one of the concrete walls on Spaceport. Then when I pushed the guy I shot him minimum four times in the head and three in the body with the STG and he just didn't care

  22. never heard of people shooting through walls in this game either. you probably ran into someone who had a glitch and they were fucking with you.

  23. I hope so but either way still doesn't explain how the dude just didn't die (my friend also lit him the fuck up shortly before I did and also died to him)

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