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  1. Kind of off the wall but my boyfriend and I just did an 80s themed date. We did a cringey aerobics workout and karaoke at home and watched 80s movies. We made a bobs burgers recipe called the “She’s a Super Leek “ burger for dinner 😂😂😂 the date came with cute printables and was more fun than we thought it would be lol

  2. This is exactly what I mean! So unique I love it

  3. Today I woke up around 10:39, a bit later than usual for a Saturday. I got up and took my dog outside to go to the bathroom. She refused. So I picked her up and drove to a local coffee stand and got her a pup cup and myself a vanilla chai, then I heated up the leftover pasta I made for dinner last night and ate that for lunch, and then dinner as well tonight. Now I’m about to shower and get ready to go out dancing with my friends :)

  4. Haha she’s a chihuahua wiener dog and the best cuddler I could ask for. Getting a dog cured my mental health issues🥹 it definitely gives me a reason to wake up everyday!!

  5. I’m 22 and have tried many party drugs lol, I just wanted to know the perspective of someone who hasn’t

  6. i already tried everything (i was not an addict i just did stupid stuff with friends) except fentanyl and heroin before watching. and watching didnt make me wanna try that. it actually made me glad i never did.

  7. This thread made me realize we’re all fucking crazy and I love it lol

  8. I dress like BB sometimes, I sympathize similar to how Fez does, I have struggled with addictions similar to Rue, I often observe situations like Lexi and I also often have Kat’s internal monologue… hmmm this was hard. I resonate with various aspects of a number of the characters. Even though I am around 10 years older than them.

  9. Each character carries so much weight in different areas it’s hard to just choose one person honestly haha

  10. Because I’m lonely and it feels like connection

  11. Not to be a downer but fuuuuck this episode was insanely tiggering, especially when you pay attention to the stuff Laurie is saying. “I would do anything to get out of the hell of withdraws” then claiming she doesn’t have pills and only morphine, then injects her and states she has something that people want even if it’s not money. So manipulative and gives me so much anxiety to watch her almost get sex trafficked

  12. Do you have a friend or family member you can trust with your dog? I understand your dog is very attached to you, but the dog WILL have the ability to adjust to a new person taking care of him/her. If that person treats your dog well, your dog will cope just fine. However, when you come back, the dog will be thrilled and things will go back to normal. That's one of the great things about dogs, they are flexible, but loyal.

  13. Thank you, yes she goes to my moms when I won’t be home but my mom always tells me she acts so sad and mopey when I’m gone. Maybe that’s why I am so anxious about leaving her

  14. Your mom should be able to manage. She can spoil the dog, give her extra treats, lots of pets, etc. If you need help, you should seek it, and really your dog will be fine in the long run. Your dog needs you healthy.

  15. Thank you, I know you are right.

  16. I fucking hate my job. It's ruining my life, and I've been having a panic attack for the last 18 hours about having to clock in tomorrow.

  17. Names that I think you may like based on the names you like

  18. I got pid from mg/urea and I also had bleeding between my period the month after! Also I have frequent urination and burning, I did test positive for both and then negative for both a bit later, have still had symptoms since then

  19. Mine was just a couple days of spotting and it burned especially when I peed and mostly at the urthera and the entrance of my vagina

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