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Petition for truck driver given 110 years in fatal crash has 4.3M signatures; truckers show support

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Trump loses appeal to block Jan. 6 panel from getting White House records

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  1. He deserves what he gets. Don't drive 85 in a tractor-trailer. No loss to society.

  2. It's just a sub where a bunch of ppl from all over the world come to meme Bimmy. That in itself is beautiful! It's just fun to hangout with like-minded ppl of the assholish variety. Imho, this sub is even better than

  3. "Cost her $75,000...". I know three crackheads I could give $300 a piece to and they'd have solved this problem for me "The Texas Way". Grow some balls people, put these assholes in the ground.

  4. I know a few people who have medical anxiety. I know somebody else who didn't for ages because first she was pregnant and then breastfeeding and was worried about that. I know somebody else who used to be a drug addict and so is worried about injections and doesn't want to go near them.

  5. No empathy anymore for idiots. Get with the programme or face serious consequences for your family from others. Simplez

  6. Simple solution: Find them via IP Address, lock them up, give financial incentives to other prisoners to "straighten them out". People need to grow balls.

  7. Not sure why we hold the word "genocide" in such a negative light, when these people have time-and-time again demonstrated a genuine need for it within our society.

  8. We need to do MORE than tell this cunt off if we're gonna send a message to fucks like this. I'm glad I'm 2A Liberal, hopefully we have some "overzealous" ppl on our side...

  9. Problem here is screenwaves' mo: hype shit up well in advance. Promise repeatedly on social media how hard you're working on it, take time off of other projects to demonstrate how hard you're working ...

  10. So what does a person born at the turn of the century have to look forward to as they grow older?

  11. My wife was born in 1982 and I was born in 1979...neither of us have these issues. What exactly are you people doing that is making things so difficult?

  12. Any restrictions like this are definitely going to affect booster take up. A lot of young people got jabbed on the premise that it got their lives back to normal. I’ve got mine but I’ve heard people saying why bother if they’re still going to be subject to tough rules.

  13. Now that is just silly. "No, I'll pass on this vaccination that can save my life because I can't go down to the pub anyway." is the height of idiocy.

  14. Remember that there's still not a single shred of proof about the lab leak

  15. But there is a ton of circumstantial evidence. Vanity Fair did a great piece back in March that's worth a read.

  16. Article says the defendant's husband purchased the CD from a department store, shouldn't that be more of a concern than this lady listing it on eBay? I'm not familiar with German copyright law, anybody know why this would be upheld?

  17. This is because NewsMax ran the headline this morning that the texts were altered. IIRC, all that happened was whoever transcribed one of the texts added a period.

  18. Always thought that was a jersey thing? Along with wearing the 90’s oversized shorts

  19. You mean shoes inside is a New Jersey thing? As someone who's from about 10 miles away from the original crew, the only person I know that wears shoes inside is my 70 yr old Dad. Lol

  20. Powell won't do it until tapering is finished. He seems dead-set on that.

  21. Well, considering they were elevated to their positions by a criminal organization I’m guessing they had to give up their 1st born as collateral or pics of them peeing on children or something to ensure they keep in line.

  22. No, even worse. You had to sell your soul to the Federalist Society.

  23. Justin seemed to have stopped coming around here as much after the plagiarism/Rex Viper Live debacles, so he must be doing something with his time.

  24. Still up 64% YTD, Imagine being dumb enough to care about day to day influxes and not look at the YTD.

  25. He bought at (what was) the high in the low 60K. That's why we joke around. BTC simps are the fucking worst.

  26. Da pimp himself! Even has a better hairline than Langdon or Ladonk or whatever the fuck his name is.

  27. Did you read the article? It think it makes a persuasive case that the transitory label was incorrect long before the Omicron variant hit the news.

  28. Yes, but I was saying its argument was incorrect. The data from October thru early November all indicated Powell was likely correct. This was supply-side inflation and would have abated around Q1 2022 as things were clearing up, had conditions remained the same. There were other reasons he kept moving the goal-posts on this one.

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