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  1. me when ______ doesnt get revealed : 😭😭😡😡 (fill in the blank)

  2. Damn I forgot I used to main apocalypse. Loved his play style

  3. Spo's face fuckin took me out when Bam mentioned the inspirational video

  4. I think we need to trade KJ no matter what. He’s a fun player but he’s not really a floor raiser so it’s best to trade him while he has higher value.

  5. The suns had interest in kj earlier this year if I’m not mistaken

  6. For as much as people like to clown on his maturity and youth how it translates on the court, Jalen seems like a good dude…

  7. Had Jokic in fantasy this year and watched a ton of Denver games. It’s been very pleasing to watch him play and carve defenses unlike anybody else in the league. The only other person I got similar feelings of sheer domination this year, were the few games kawhi played in the playoffs.

  8. Asshole seems like a strong word to use to describe his relationship with fans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but most of the negative fan encounters I read about are just him being less social and charismatic than his peers (especially Magic). It wasn’t really that he did mean things to fans, the criticism was more about what he didn’t do.

  9. Didn’t he spit on a guy for asking “how’s the weather up there?” And proceeded to say “it’s raining”

  10. Scoot isn’t falling to 4 idk why you guys are buying that.

  11. Curious. But where’d you have Jabari going last year?

  12. I’m going to follow because I’ve been wanting to know how to do this too.

  13. Thanks to thibs… but honestly I think those picks would’ve been low first round value am I right? More than likely the rockets would’ve been going deep into the playoffs every single year

  14. Reports coming out from different camps is only to confuse the other lottery teams. Similarly to last year when Orlando said they were drafting Jabari with the number 1 pick

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