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  1. Downvote and move on. No need to give this any additional traction. I posted so you don't have to.

  2. Now if only we could apply this to the fucking distribution of senators in this country. Gah damn a whole bunch of land has more say than millions of people.

  3. Sounds like you've already lost quite a bit of money. Keep on keepin', ape!

  4. You don't need motivation to hold. You just need to touch some grass and get away from the charts.

  5. We have a shit education system that doesn't prioritize evaluation of sources, or anything practical really, and after funneling so much to our military every year we don't have much of an infrastructure to change it.

  6. Just downvote and move on. This is FUD, intentionally or not, and should just go away. I posted so you wouldn't have to.

  7. I'm entitled to my opinion that's what reddit is all about... If you don't like my post then down vote it and move on, but to encourage everyone do down vote just because you don't agree? This is why we have so many sheep in this country.

  8. You're...not a very smart person. That's alright.

  9. LOL go read about the Council of Foreign Relations my friend.. I've done a bit of research outside the box per say, and yes some are conspiracy theories. .. but never the less scary to think our CEOs are on that team as well.

  10. Ah, downvote this and move on. No need to give it any additional traction. I posted so you wouldn't have to.

  11. While fun, and somewhat innocent, this doesn't belong here. Downvote and move on...I posted so you wouldn't have to.

  12. AMC literally bought a gold and silver mine. I know a lot of silver and gold folks who bought AMC shares because of this

  13. There's been a lot of this recently, but I'll say it again. There is no we.

  14. There is no we and I know of no pump. I have no idea who we is or what a pump is. I am an individual investor and I personally buy AMC/APE at a ratio of 1/1 as a long term HODL because it is a company that I like. AMC = BRK for the next generation.

  15. This is the only answer to whatever bullshit is going on in OP's post. It should be downvoted to oblivion, or removed by a mod.

  16. a few bug holes, but nothing too extreme! (i cut it up and did a thorough sweep through - just a few potato bugs who i’ve since relocated)

  17. It's not financial advice, it's personal opinions!! APE is the way to get AMC out of debt and crush hedgies dreams in my opinion.

  18. I don't think you know what financial advice is.

  19. Sure. No worries there, and honestly same team. The problem is this makes the whole movement look stupid and is, in its request, legally dubious. You don't have to be smart to be right though.

  20. Man, OP gets it. So many of us are just waiting at this point and have nothing but time. I've got my alerts set and the FUD can't touch me if I don't give it attention. Gluck all.

  21. Have not been able to. Haven't been able to log into Nelnet, my provider, either.

  22. Same, are we assuming a website crash since everyone’s trying to log on for the first time since the payment pause?

  23. Definitely makes sense. Hopefully it'll resolve over the next few days or so.

  24. Fair enough. Like, I don't think you're a shill or a bot or whatever, but this doesn't make sense and doesn't contribute to anything besides a potentially negative sentiment. Aka, bad for amc and ape. But you do you, and gluck!

  25. Well, think about it, APE isn't shorted like AMC is, if AMC squeezes, it would make sense to have more AMC tickets right? This is why I asked, would it be a good idea to sell my APEs and buy more AMC tickets? If AMC will go to 500k each, APE won't, right?

  26. I do not believe it works like that, and I believe I understand it better than you. I'm not here to convince you one way or another though. Too close to financial advice for me, and I refrain from that entirely.

  27. Yes they are listed click on APE you’ll see all your shares listed. If they don’t match your AMC total then contact them. That was the whole point. Most people aren’t gonna get all the APE shares they deserve

  28. That's what's weird though. The value adds up to the share price multiplied by how many shares I should own, but the My Investments box, with the specifics, doesn't pop up for APE like it does with my other stocks, including AMC, and is nowhere to be found. I'm getting my stuff out of there.

  29. Got mine, but the amount of shares aren't listed and there's no cost basis info. I'm getting my shit out of there asap. The customer service experience felt like some absurdist and dystopian play.

  30. People should be downvoting the shit out of this.

  31. That's what I thought, but am still very new to this all. Not picking anything up yet, but a lot of fun finding!

  32. He is wrong, and he probably isn't that intelligent.

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