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  1. I can’t figure out why Florida is favoured over Seattle.. seems like a trap

  2. Florida's played better than their results and Seattle was bad last year.

  3. Ohh wow, I hit both Minnesota ML and Anaheim +1.5.

  4. Only lost ML bet for the day was the Panthers ML. How do you lose with 5 seconds left...

  5. I just turned on left click autoattack, to help with kiting as adc - how do people still click on minimap with this on? Now it make me walk to where I click on the minimap, instead of just having a look

  6. Who are some champs that thrive on chaos? I know it is an open ended question but I don’t know how else to word it

  7. game starts at 0:00 why go afk just move every 30 seconds at least. So many games lost because people think game starts when minions hit lane.

  8. To be fair... ya'll have been asking for stricter automated ban systems for years. They gave it to you. They were hesitant in the past exactly for this reason. If you want stricter automated bans, then you're going to get more false positives.

  9. It could easily detect it more accurately without such false positives if they weren't lazy.

  10. How exactly are enemy minions not ending on their own? They get massive dmg bonus and destroy your team's minions.

  11. Ask yourself, why would you pick Skarner if Hecarim, Vi, or Wukong are up?

  12. Skarner has the suppression drag and is the best character in the entire game at protecting against someone diving to kill your whole team. For example, pick Skarner against Yi and he's useless the whole game.

  13. What a coincidence that it's only your team with the bad players, not the enemy team. They must be out to get you.

  14. The worst thing about these animations on the boards is that they're like 10 FPS.

  15. Last 30 days, average 4k players. Lost 90% of player base in 2 months.

  16. Didn't need to get very far across considering the shot was to the center of the goal and it also was low enough to hit the pad.

  17. Why didn't the Oilers player receive the initial pass on the backhand? Sleepwalking?

  18. It's not really "unfortunate", I mean, you can see what it is and it's not luck-based.

  19. There are / were some locations without a nearby aetheryte. Especially before you were high enough for mounts, chocobos used to be far faster.

  20. Honestly the reason why I didn’t enjoy DQXI was due to the obviously loud and gay character (Sylvando).

  21. So easy to see a gay character who's genuinely realistic and whole and a "representation"-type gay character who is essentially a splattered on stereotype.

  22. FF has been doing this before it was a "thing". FF always had sexually ambiguous characters, oftentimes in the main role. Squall is a man with feminine traits, Lightning is a woman with masculine traits, Vaan and Terra are basically asexual, Cait Sith does not even reproduce. You can't get any more diverse than your typical FF game.

  23. Uh? Cait Sith is like a plushie that's controlled remotely. Obviously Cait Sith the plushie doesn't reproduce, but the person who's behind the actions and speaking of Cait Sith is human.

  24. You guess their range, then use a calculator that calculates your equity against the range that you estimated them to have.

  25. Huh? Ever have KK vs AA preflop, next hand AK gets cracked by QQ? That's 2 buyins in like 30 seconds

  26. Jesus just put $8 on roulette next time. You’re making like $1.13 an hour lol

  27. MTTs are terrible for making money. And that also is the reason they're so soft - the players who want to make money do things other than playing MTTs.

  28. nope. they keep telling me I don't live in the US. I live in the US. Scammers

  29. Did you prove you live in US? such as giving your proof of identity and utility bills? If so, I don't see how they could possibly say you don't live in USA.

  30. It's an okay book but it's for limit hold em, which is practically dead and irrelevant in comparison to no limit hold em, or pot limit omaha.

  31. KJo is 13% to win, that's not even... bad at all.

  32. If your table's passive and pretty stationy then it's probably ideal to limp close to 100% of your hands, since you have decent chances to get paid when you hit big.

  33. Completely obvious shove. Nothing to think about.

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