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  1. You really don't. They removed TP plays too, so the top laner's role is to stay on their island and hope that the team doesn't lose the game during laning. And if they do, too bad.

  2. You realize that you can play Sorc and Barb without actually taking Teleport or Leap, right? And you can play Rogue without taking the "shadow step thing", right?

  3. PoE concept is great. The problem is its overly complex so it takes time for people to fully feel good about it.

  4. Problem isn't that it's complex, problem is that it's boring.

  5. PoE has to be the dullest game I've ever played. Absolute snoozefest.

  6. Feeling weaker after leveling up is garbage, as is the UI. "Scroll down to see the only part that you want to see that is only covered by this scroll down message in the first place" is such a trash decision I can't believe they left that in the beta. Who came up with that?

  7. Druid looks like a retired barb who's become an alcoholic in that time.

  8. Yeah, this could be a deal breaker. You cannot try out different builds without swapping literally every skill point.

  9. Yeah. "kill all mobs" is the absolute WORST dungeon mechanic. You always missed one or two, and need to backtrack the entire dungeon hunting for them just to open the door. It's unbelievably lame.

  10. I 100% enjoyed this. As far as I could tell (and I welcome any info that contradicts my understanding), I could let side quests sit more or less as long as I wanted. I could do the main quest if I was feeling it. I never felt upset or worried about stopping to do a random event on the way to doing something or clearing a stronghold out as an interruption to what I was doing. I never felt compelled to clear a dungeon but could do one if it had an aspect I wanted (or a buddy wanted). Or if my buddy and I just want to do a dungeon, we could pick one and go at it while knowing it would be of at least some benefit t o all of us. That's fantastic.

  11. It's impossible for a story to be good if the order can be arbitrarily switched around.

  12. You REALLY want a legendary to give you 100% uptime on invulnerability while dealing insane dmg without having to press any other buttons?

  13. Agreed. It would also allow you to test damage and synergies. Current testing methods like clearing dungeons and fighting the last boss are very cumbersome.

  14. Yeah. There's relatively few interesting combos. Most of the combinations are essentially forced by the effects the skills give. And honestly, "stack crit" isn't all that interesting for a class build choice. With Sorc for example, lightning, frost, and fire spells each give passives and effects that naturally synergize with other lightning, frost, and fire skills. It's pretty disappointing and dull.

  15. Sorcerer because it seems to have the best balance of mobility, survivability, and damage.

  16. I disagree on Barb design. The class has zero survivability while having abilities based around Thorns and defensive shouts, which makes no sense. It seems like they had no clue what they were doing while designing the class.

  17. Yeah, it's a pretty serious issue that there's no class using shields, especially since Barbarian is more of a berserker with absolutely terrible defensive capabilities.

  18. With Sorc there's the mandatory ice barrier and teleport, then there's your builder and spender and ultimate, so you have room for only 1 extra skill from like 3 total rows. Yeah, not that fun.

  19. Does it really matter when it'll be worse than Brood War anyway?

  20. No, I'll probably start liking them more.

  21. it says 8gb minimum but with low settings diablo iv uses like 11gb of ram(I have 32) even when nothing taxing is going on so I imagine the 8gb is really not sufficient.

  22. Bro if I want a story I’ll read a book

  23. Story's one of human fundamentals, and one of the greatest sources of dopamine and pleasure. You're kidding yourself if you try to argue you don't enjoy stories - everyone does. You literally would not be alive if you weren't receptive to stories. Stories are mandatory for human survival.

  24. That's a good thing. A proper story that you can only experience once.

  25. "I'm especially in awe with most of the sorc's skills or the brutality and weight with barb's skills."

  26. It makes me fall asleep trying to read it and I usually just give up halfway through the sentence.

  27. Just speaking of your introductory, descriptive paragraph, it leaves the reader wanting. It gives the impression of description but there's very little actual detail. Thus, it lacks personality. Your more just kind of listing things. Saying there that are exotic dishes is all well and good, but maybe go into it a bit more. You don't actually have to say what the dishes are because the reader truthfully doesn't care, but ground them a bit more. Think of the sizzle of the meats being pan fried, the fat oozing in thick globules as it's sloshed wetly onto pieces of bread. What do the vendors look like? Burly, grotesque and intimidating, or jolly and prancing and hygenic?

  28. All of this is so irrelevant. Is this really what you'd focus on? To me the main issue is that the characters' actions don't make a whole lot of sense, for example I don't get why Varence had a mischievous twinkle in his eye, or why he would exclaim in that manner as a plea for help, or why he wanted to plea for help anyway, etc.

  29. D3 was tuned for a trading based economy which was super fun at first until the rmt got shut down. It was exactly what fans asked for for years until they got it and then immediately threw a fit lol

  30. Was it super fun? When I played it, on the auction house I could buy amazing items for dirt cheap that were better than anything I ever found. So none of the drops were exciting in the slightest.

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