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  1. Maybe we should just appreciate it silently

  2. How is it possible to have access to internet and still be pro terrorists and war criminals?

  3. Im checking to see when modern Russia invaded Finland, Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine pre-coup? Oh they didnt

  4. That's different from how it works in a place where Russian supporters are the majority. I'm trying to disrupt echo chambers.

  5. It's hard to convince brainwashed people, be happy you see through it yourself, try to distance yourself from pro-terrorists.

  6. ... got my post eliminated, and now I don't have access to those answers. So, may I ask for some tolerance even when my questions may sound slightly stupid, please? Thank you.


  8. This article is full of shit as it calls Ukrainian government a "regime", so that should give you a clue who wrote it. Fuck of Russian trolls. Next time at least use account that looks like a real person.

  9. "Article", at least he got the Ukrainian spelling of Kyiv right...

  10. “It is impossible to describe the whole range of emotions in words. The Russian Federation is insidiously stealing, killing, deporting and raping our children. How is this even possible in the modern world?!”, the Ukrainian Ombudsman wrote.

  11. Considering the record of the orcs behaviour and the ban on the coverage of this implies it may not even be the first time this happens.

  12. And the kicker is that the fathers will be conscripted before they can consent.

  13. This is disgusting! Women should leave right now while they still can travel abroad by themselves...

  14. Great! Have you considered boots with soft removable felt liners (thick socks) when buying for the military?

  15. Russia really doesn't get it, it was the pressure from the German people that finally made the tanks happen. In a democratic country the leaders will represent the people. But keep on threatening NATO countries, they got the big guns.

  16. At some point Ukraine will need direct assistance from other countries in the form of personnel With a little help Russian troops in Ukraine could be obliterated

  17. Ukraine says they don't need personnel, just the weapons they ask for.

  18. This has been their stance all along. They were never going to let us into NATO.

  19. Russia just needed to tell a far-right nutjob to publicly burn a Quran to prevent Sweden from joining NATO. Much cheaper than having to attack Sweden with hordes of orx as he did in Ukraine.

  20. Nutjob didn't need to be asked, he does this every once in a while.

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