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  1. Very beautiful composition. I loved the melody and the end was a very nice variation from the begging.

  2. Yeah i feel the same, going trough the song it self, the strings seem stagnent, i realy tryed to give it some life.. Either way, thank you for this, the support is always welcome. Ill try to get better neste time

  3. The arrangement and notes you have chosen are really nice, but yes, some dynamics would be brilliant. I’m still learning dynamics myself so keep pushing forward, man!

  4. Those instruments r really good dude, solid track imo.

  5. Yes!! Thank you. Ludwig’s work has really inspired me from TENET all the way to Black Panther and I wanted to try a similar style because it fascinates me.

  6. I loved it! I think it’s a great tune that if I could drive, I would play this on a late nights drive. The chord choices are great and you are definitely great at making electronic music. The vocals were good, but maybe layering them and adding a bit of reverb could work well too. Either way, great job on this.

  7. I definitely believe chromaticism works well for this genre. Although, maybe some variation and range would work well too rather than a descending melody. I loved the switch up a quarter of the way through and the percussion that followed. It really got my head bobbing. And the end just made it brilliant! Nice job.

  8. Looks like something from the film Annihilation

  9. Bioluminescence - the word and the subject is beautiful. Light in darkness

  10. It goes into the price of the ring

  11. I have only listened to the first 3 mins of the piece of music but I am so grateful that you have shared this with me. I love how there are very little layers to this, yet it feels so complete and full. Thank you

  12. awesome, ya! its basically the same concept with programming drum set parts, and keep the parts realistic for a human with two arms and two legs, not some octopus monster drummer guy. if you are going to be doing more orchestration I recommend watching videos of orchestras and even individual instruments to get a feel for each one, you will also get ideas as to what instruments go well layered with each other. also keep in mind stuff like real wind instrument players need to take breaths, composers take things like this and many other little surprising things into account. the older I get the more I get into classical music and music for film.

  13. Thanks you. Yess, after a lot of trial and error I realised that with woodwind instruments but I need to do the same with brass. I will do exactly that with watching videos. I’m quite young so I’ll keep pushing forward with it

  14. Interesting! I actually really enjoyed it with the breaths and thought it sounded more natural & old school hip-hop type vibe. But I'll take both feedbacks on the breaths into account for future songs. Thank you for letting me know & glad to hear that you enjoyed listening to it :)

  15. I mean music is subjective. My advice would be to do what you enjoy and if you like it then keep it. I’m not saying I don’t like it, but i could be improved upon. Good on you though, I definitely cannot rap anymore

  16. This is true. I'm sure you can, just give it a try and write something you feel a vibe too. Don't overthink it, just freestyle and go from there. Practice makes perfect!

  17. I’ve tried recently with some mates but unfortunately I do not have it in me to rap. I’m more of a composer and sometimes creates instrumentals for other people. Thank you though

  18. Hello Ethezzzz, I am a professor of mushroomoligy at UCLA. Looking at the photo, I can identify that is a photo of some mushrooms sticking out the side of a tree-trunk. Hope this helps!

  19. Honestly, after 2 weeks and over 1000 views with no comments, this has made my 2 weeks 😭Thank you

  20. Fantastic job in the “creepy” emotions at the beginning you were going for. Nailed that. And that guitar and low voice really adds to it. Great transition with 16th notes on the guitar. Definitely changed up the vibe. I really enjoyed this piece of music!

  21. Wow, this ist really cool. I could see that being the backgroundmusic in an adventure type videogame. But also nice to hear in general. Keep it going

  22. I’d love to compose for an adventure game one day. Hopefully with my progression I’ll be able to do that! Thank you

  23. Damn man great! Also I noticed there are some Congo or some percussion sound which has like quick and short consecutive notes, like really fast, what were they, like 32nd notes?

  24. Yess, I believe I used 3 different djembe drum sounds with the 32nd notes. I’m not great at music theory so I don’t know the exact note lengths, but I believe they are that. The percussion was really fun to make for this. Took me a couple retakes to get the perfect timing and multiple percussion to make it sound more natural and not jagged. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback!

  25. Ooh, I like it! It reminds me of a songs called “Shiro’s Story” by Rapman, but obviously quite different. Structurally, I believe it’s very good. Although you could definitely add some variation on the hi hats instead of straight 8th notes. But as others have mentioned, definitely less vocal hits. Other than that, it’s a solid beat.

  26. This piece stands out to me. The motif is nice and relaxing - it would definitely work well with other instruments too. I love the delay on it. It really blends the melody together - added with the ‘vocal’ sounding drone underneath, which is a nice touch. Correct me if I am wrong

  27. hello, there’s a glitch for me in the junland wastes and it’s hindering me from completing tatooine. Has anyone else experienced this? it’s really frustrating, i’ve deleted the game and save data multiple times but nothing seems to work, please help me

  28. You need to complete other challenges on other planets to unlock the challenges on Tatooine

  29. Seconded. These speakers are great for the price. I have the LP 6 v2 and they’re fantastic

  30. Thank you. I’ve been looking at the price for them and they’re not too bad

  31. I’m not sure that 5 years is lazy with all that’s gone on, buddy…

  32. Especially with the new SWS. That 100% was the most disappointing thing ever after over 100 hours completing it

  33. As a film music student, music absolutely does convey emotions. The later films are portrayed as more dark, with different composers writing “darker music” than John Williams scores from films 1-3, which have “lighter” soundtracks. So, technically the years 5-7 are going to be darker due to music as well

  34. This is true, but is that the point of OP’s question? I’m just confused on what answer he’s looking for exactly.

  35. Oh yeah, I’m with you on this one. I have no clue what their question is

  36. Those were the exact words that came out of my mouth

  37. I have gone into my astral form a couple times whilst playing the games

  38. Listed at £129 on the Lego website

  39. Ya man the kyber brick grind is honestly what keeps SS from hitting my top 3 personally

  40. If it wasn’t for the gameplay and new graphics it wouldn’t be in my top 3.

  41. I’ve been grinding as hard as I can since release I’m sitting at a little over 900 so I’m close but man the fact that they’re used pretty much solely for upgrades really just isn’t a great motivator for trying to grab up all 1100 of them lol

  42. Yeah I feel the same way. It’s like, I’ve finished the story line now; I don’t really need to upgrade anything, so why am I getting the bricks?

  43. Thank you. Maybe I’ll just leave it up to my imagination that it is one or make it into one myself

  44. I guess. With the pointy part could be a drill (i don't know the archaeologic ennglish term, in french it's "perçoir").

  45. It does look like it has a few shockwaves but that could have been naturally occurred

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