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  1. Is this lawsuit brought by the felon who lost a quick draw contest and got half his arm blown off?

  2. He isn't a felon. Don't get your information from made up posts online that confirm to your world view.

  3. You might want to check your assumption here based on campus history this is more likely gang violence.

  4. This campus has this issue a lot its eaten up by gang members selling drugs to students. My guess is this is probably a territorial dispute.

  5. You couldn't tell by this sub almost every story that says Israel did something wrong gets removed and the users too, if it doesn't get removed it will get locked.

  6. People need to be on the lookout when they let war criminals out the hospital especially "don't ask don't tell" and women.

  7. We have to stop them from giving people the wrong advice there are literally lives on the line here. we have to keep these babies safe.

  8. China doesn't like it they got caught, and are trying to downplay it.

  9. If you aren't overweigh you probably won't even need it.

  10. So, gun nuts, what’s your excuse now? Guns don’t kill people, football games kill people?

  11. I thought guns weren't allowed on schools? I guess criminals don't care about laws.

  12. Amazing how fast the US paid up after an Islamic terrorist killed an MP in the UK.

  13. Dihydrogen monoxide Its nasty stuff I don't touch it myself.

  14. Why does it have to be black why can't it be low income families?

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