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  1. Thats why it generally sucks and reaks of no social skills and unwashed body odor.

  2. Hey! I'm a reddit mod and I washed no more than 9 days ago!

  3. Yes they are classifying the rail workers as crucial infrastructure and or safety workers as to make this legal. It’s why police, fire, ems, nurses, USPS, air traffic controllers, etc can’t strike. These unions will do 1 - 2 day sick outs but a full work stoppage strike can never happen

  4. So basically any union where the workers are financially well off enough to be able to effectively strike.

  5. The response to this post means it resonated with a significant portion of the sub. I would not go into a post about working conditions in Ireland and complain that it doesn’t apply to me. It would be no more presumptuous of the hypothetical person posting about their issues in Ireland than this post is.

  6. There's plenty of people from countries with good-faith conservative movements that would support work reform.

  7. An Amero-centrist bias would have assumed that all conservatives movements were the same and would not have specifically referred to the GOP over and over again.

  8. Maybe next time specify it's only for American users relating to American politics in the title.

  9. It hasn't been enforced in a long time.

  10. Not DAG'ing green for a tour that requires it for a specific region isn't the same as a mandatory vaccine. There has been med requirements for different deployments, but it just means you wouldn't be loaded on that deployment, you'd still wouldn't be released for it.

  11. "In other news, the Town of Napanee was devastated today by minor structure damage."

  12. I mod two subreddits as big as this one and I work a fulltime job.

  13. I'm slowly working on getting myself away permanently from the constant drama, I didn't kick them out in the middle of nowhere they were brought somewhere safe with family. She had me trapped with the pregnancy before, but now that its no longer viable I no longer owe this woman anything and am leaving once I save up more money. Before I was sort of staying for the pregnancy to support her to not get fucked over in the long run (child support, court, all that).

  14. I give it 5 out of 7 medium green thumbs up!

  15. My name is Dylan Chenier and I’m a master’s student in the Cultural Studies department at Queen’s University. I am currently working on a project studying the relationship between verbatim theatre and politics and examining whether plays featuring the voices of real people can be an effective tool for exploring complicated political issues. Verbatim theatre is a type of dramatic performance where the script is built entirely on the words of real people. For my project I will be constructing a verbatim play, built entirely on the testimonies of Kingston residents, to explore issues related to housing and development in the City of Kingston. I am looking to speak with Kingston residents in the hopes that people may share their experience navigating the housing market in our city. I will be conducting one-on-one interviews with participants about their experiences finding and securing housing in Kingston. These interviews will then form the basis of an original verbatim play to be presented virtually over Zoom in March of 2022.

  16. Did you leave the store with the item?

  17. The manager stopped me before I could; he said that if I gave the stuff back, they wouldn’t call the cops and that they had video footage of me stealing before so I gave it back

  18. Well the only thing that will likely come of this is you are banned from the store.

  19. Could you explain why I have no obligation to sign or have a link to a website that says so? I've been looking online for written reason/ explanations but couldn't find any

  20. What should I say to them? Have you dealt with this before and what did you do?

  21. You could upgrade as far as a i9 9900K (you'd have to update your bios while still using your 8400).

  22. Thanks for your response mate. It's an Nvidia GTX 1080. 🙂

  23. I wouldn't bother upgrading your CPU then.

  24. My Logitech G613 only lasted 25months, at the same price I could've bought a serious keyboard. Every f*ckin thing I bought from Logitech only lasted 25-30 months

  25. I had a G810 that most of the LEDs died within 2 years, then keys started to loosen and fly off when being used. Never again.

  26. I mean I could see d4 and ow2 never being released. They can just scrap them and put the franchise with wc3 and Starcraft in the “end of the line” category while redirecting resources to this. Idk about you guys but I’m fuckin tired of blizzards same universes and characters. I’m done being excited by ragnaros calling me an insect or fenix saying something cool about auir.

  27. Thats pretty neat. Was that just last night, or an event from a few years prior to the pandemic?

  28. I think that was Sunday I took the picture.

  29. Outside, spaced about 10 feet apart?

  30. What did the paperwork from the LTB hearing tell you?

  31. When the landlord gives notice of own use or buyer's use but knows it to be false, or knows there is no intention to follow through.

  32. Do you have service back yet? I live close the memorial centre and have had issues all day.

  33. It just came back within the last hour.

  34. This isn't really a legal problem. Just contact your university administration to complain.

  35. Thank you for your response. It is a brand new floor. The condo was newly renovated when I bought it. Would my insurance cover this? I would like to settle this without the tenant board's involvement as much as possible. Thanks

  36. It's unlikely your insurance will cover this damage. This is why the tenant should have tenant's insurance.

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