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  1. 11 years back. There’s so much I’d do differently.

  2. This gave me hope because I'm 18 and I thought I would have decently sized boobs by now but I still barely fill out my bras

  3. I really don't think I could continue. If I'm the only person left I just go insane. I couldn't be alone with my thoughts 24/7

  4. Can someone upvote this so I can remember to come back with what liquid cuz I forgot the name and I asked a friend EDIT: ITS GUAVA MANGO JUICE IT IS SO BUSSIN OMFG (brand is nature’s nectar)

  5. Update got her apparently. My sister said she lost her just yesterday. I used a container with bait cheese. she has been returned to her cage successfully.

  6. I'll take "shit that didn't happen" for 500 Alex.

  7. you just seem like you have that mindset, but seriously you can't even respect the pronouns that someone is asking you to use? that they feel comfortable with? how is that bullshit?

  8. Where did I denied them rights ? You did not answered. He for a man. she for a woman. I wont learn made up pronoms to please their own fragility and sense of self.

  9. forget i said that, what does it being a fraction of the population have to do with anything?

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