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  1. This seems badass. As a new DevOps engineer with a focus in networking, this will help me abstract more of the networking stack in our environment.

  2. This is where a cloud based VPN comes in handy. You can define all the cloud gateways you have running in whatever whitelist you have in place, including your office IP.

  3. Meraki Any Connect finally allows you to split tunnel. For the longest time you couldn’t, not sure about other vendor offerings though

  4. My Hyper-V setup is looking better by the day.

  5. I moved to DevOps as well within my company but still handle a lot of the IT backend, like once a week I’ll snoop around and see how things are doing. We’re a bit lean at the moment.

  6. This is pretty much my exact situation, on-prem infra/networks/sys admin background, moved into an internal devops position a year ago, been through the initial overwhelming phase and now pushing on to learn the tools one by one. Senior Engineer onboarding in a month or so.

  7. What have you done in the last year to help get you to where you’re at?

  8. Pulseway is pretty nice. Been using it for years and has a very robust feature set

  9. It happened to me at least a dozen. Don't let this discourage you . You will find a place to call home

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