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  1. There is very solid reason to believe that human beings are not actually capable of impartial reporting.

  2. You've clearly mastered the English language, typing, and the basic Reddit interface. So you aren't completely helpless. Just those skills and nothing else qualify you for most office jobs and a whole host of other careers from novelist to journalist.

  3. Small children tend to stare in general, mostly because everything is new and they are learning a billion new details about everything they see.

  4. Roasting is the easiest way to cook vegetables, and generally gets the best tasting results.

  5. Being the shabbiest-looking person in the room and still treated with respect.

  6. In the short term, tobacco smells worse and does immediate harm to your lung capacity. While pot directly impairs your attention span and higher brain functions.

  7. I'm fat, short, my nose is crooked, and I have an unfortunate complexion.

  8. The more obvious the verdict is, the more important it is that everything be examined painstakingly. Especially when there is public pressure, the trial judges' main job is to specifically slow things down and guarantee that every last bit of due process is carried out meticulously. Add to this that the defense attorney, if they are smart, will want to postpone everything as long as possible to increase the odds that the jury will be less angry about the very public crime. And the prosecuting attorney will be putting together the most thorough case of their careers, because if they lose it may end their career.

  9. You may escape your payments if you die. But that's true if you die in a world war or of a random aneurysm.

  10. There are over 8 billion people in the world. If it is physically possible for a human to do, there are at least several hundred people who do it every day.

  11. Use credit responsibly. Meaning get a no-fees card, use it for things you could pay cash for, and pay the balance off immediately.

  12. Never underestimate the power of a direct compliment, especially aimed at men.

  13. Only in very narrow, carefully defined circumstances. Preferably ones decided on and in writing by the subject from before they were suffering.

  14. No, it's not cheating. In the same way that attempted murder isn't murder.

  15. Monogamy is implied. The discussion comes for if someone in the relationship wishes for it to be poly in any way.

  16. That is old-school thinking, and we have centuries of evidence that it doesn't work.

  17. The same reason your car insurance goes up after you have an accident, even if the insurance company agrees it wasn't your fault.

  18. "Moved up" means made earlier. As opposed to "moved back" which means later.

  19. Undatable or unfuckable? Because the list is very different and a lot of people use the euphemism.

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