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The squirrel stocked about 150 kilos of acorns inside the transmitting antenna.

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  1. The ea app should work now, valve pushed out a hotfix for proton that enables it to work, you may want to give it a Google and see if you need to manually download the hotfix

  2. That feels like would be a nightmare to type while holding it though. I love the accessibility of the on screen keyboard of the SD, with the touch pads

  3. Playing in game mode with the 60fps mod. The game has improved so much after enabling it

  4. Is the 60fps mod working in game mode for you? the tilt shift effect mod doesn't work in game mode for me.

  5. Magicka, it's action-adventure, but the action bits are not too intensive. I play this game when I watch series in front of a tv

  6. Very easy, just a matter of placing the switch keys/firmware in the correct yuzu folder and the game in the yuzu game folder and that’s it. It started with poor performance but I then found

  7. How does your game run when you set gpu accuracy to high? In regards to the bowwow issue.

  8. Just tested, and it’s actually not bad with the 60fps mod. GPU high and the mod enabled I get a decently smooth, constant 45fps with gpu at ~30%. Disabling the mod, the performance is atrocious, with fps ranging from 20-45fps.

  9. That's interesting, what country?

  10. Cyprus. It's surprising considering GLS has presence here via another partner here.

  11. deck doesnt complain about charging, charges as fast as the decks main brick as far as i can tell

  12. i honestly just used the decks included charger to charge it and it worked nicely.

  13. Haven't gotten mine yet, but it was always going to be Portal. I love that game to bits.

  14. I have the same issue and looked into it quite heavily too. It appears that when the content of the view is a List, the animation works correctly. Anything else and the animations breaks down.

  15. Wisest thing in this video was dropping before the car hit the pole. Doesn’t say much about his IQ tho

  16. I can give you the contact information form whom I’ve bought it if you’re interested.

  17. Which 51mm portafilter are you using? I have the same machine and looking for few upgrades. I looked a bit on the web and your results seems to be the best so far

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