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Innocent laughter

  1. Wisest thing in this video was dropping before the car hit the pole. Doesn’t say much about his IQ tho

  2. I can give you the contact information form whom I’ve bought it if you’re interested.

  3. Which 51mm portafilter are you using? I have the same machine and looking for few upgrades. I looked a bit on the web and your results seems to be the best so far

  4. My issue now is I can change the flow rate, so I’m not sure how to dial it in for time since I have 2 variables: grind size and flow. I’m just kinda going by taste. It’s fun to mess around

  5. Ha wow, that’s quite involved. Yeah I would probably go with taste, as that’s what most people in the forum suggest.

  6. That tv ruined a nice focal point. It looks terrible there.

  7. Lmao you clearly don’t know about Jimmy’s coffee brand.

  8. You could create a scene with all lights selected and set to turn off. Then you could just tell Siri to run the scene.

  9. Yeah I have a scene which sets this specific light setup and dims that light to 20%, but found this useful as a lot of times I end up with one light being on, and the other off

  10. Seems like you have more extraction on the left side of your puck than the right because you get more dripping on the left side. This might explain the “strong” taste you mentioned in another comment, but really depends on the coffee beans ofcourse.

  11. I assume your grinder is also new, in which case it will take some time for the grinder burrs to be seasoned and broken in and provide a more consistent grind.

  12. Indeed the grinder is new, thank you for your advice I will try to distribute it evenly. An WDT is on the way already.

  13. It took my breville smart grinder pro about 2kg worth of coffee to be broken in properly, but noticed better results at around the 500-760g mark.

  14. “In the land of code, a young developer begins his quest on building a single repository which will change human kind forever. Stay tuned”

  15. Ouf, like the message, just don't want to be reminded of tanks or war every morning...

  16. Barista Pro along with a ton of pour over gear, 5 portafilters, and a ton of other stuff

  17. One great fiance right there! Out of curiosity, what was your original setup?

  18. This. The fact that they offer almost no support for third party extensions made me switch to Firefox instead.

  19. this. extensions extensions extensions. if only safari supported chrome extensions like some other browsers do. 😩

  20. Android minimum version 31. “Your app will run on 5% of devices”. Good

  21. It was called iPhone OS back then, and it didn't have an App Store until 2.0.

  22. Yup, this why I had installed “Installer” and “islsk”, which were community stores

  23. PJ09 says:

    No support issues, tech questions or iPhone help requests. For software support, please post in

  24. That tends to happen to me if I leave the portafilter in place somewhat tight after steaming milk, then shut off the machine. Seems to get stuck to the gasket due to the extra heat after steaming. I have a GCP with an IMS basket.

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