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  1. nevermind i got it all working, i took the part of the script that read all of the positions and directions and put it in each If Clone# = (Number) section and adjusted the values accordingly, thanks for all the help mate, im gonna save the project now and you can look if you want too

  2. Ahh sweet, you fix it faster than I can reply with a fix :D Wow, that path finding method looks really impressive, I bet a lot of people will want to use it. Nice job!

  3. yeah im planning on adding a lot more than should be necessary lol, for the FPS combat there's gonna be situation awareness, where it will retreat if it detects multiple enemies and also accounts for its health to find healing sources, and it will be able to push enemies by taking into account how many times it successfully struck an enemy, how much ammo it has left, its health and how far away they are from the target, and a bunch of other things like dodging rolling diving, along with more sophisticated things like being able to call teammates for a coordinated push or being able to use its surroundings to ricochet grenades off walls to hit the enemy better

  4. You have to scroll past when green flag clicks to get to the broadcast ones lol

  5. Women are not allowed in this house because they are not allowed to have rights, wow that went dark fast

  6. I tried doing this with grifdpatches engine but I had never touched 3d rendering at that point so it ran kinda bad, this looks awesome

  7. You can add numbers to a cloud variable and have some code convert it to letters, like "01" = "A" all the way to "26" = "Z"

  8. But I can’t have things stored in the cloud, or it will be wiped, only for transferring data

  9. In Scratch you can, but idk what you should do if it's meant for Turbowarp.

  10. I have to have it in turbo warp because the massive amount of blocks needed and the speed I need

  11. If people buy it at that price I'll keep it that price, and people do buy it at that price

  12. Uh, why what? If you're asking why people buy it that price, it's because of the (apparent) low supply, Wich would boost the price

  13. If you mean AI by pathfinding I have a sprite I edited from someone else’s code to make it work better if you want it

  14. Good archiving storage media but as a boot drive THESE FUCKING SUUCK!

  15. School started up recently I haven’t been able to fill anyone request yet sadly

  16. One that isn’t a generic template where you can drop your own assets into it and make a “new” clicker game

  17. I seen this in class and was trying to hold in the laugh so hard my friend asked if I was having a stroke, I needed this

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