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  1. lol that Lakers fan in the video is delusional. He's going to literally be the oldest player in the NBA next year. Just cuz he's old doesn't mean he's not great but the latter doesn't make the former untrue

  2. He's taking "old" as an insult to his play on the court

  3. I feel like next season is gonna be a big season for everyone, Not as in everyone gonna be great but as in it’s gonna be a big make or break year and if this team falls short again I can see them blowing everything up and starting new going into the new stadium

  4. Yup, it seems they're positioning next summer to be a possible reset window

  5. How we feeling about those Bob Meyers theories now?

  6. Any ideas for a PF upgrade? Idk how realistic it is, but a Chris Boucher trade would be pretty impressive imo.

  7. Yeah I wish we freed him of his roster spot

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t even think Abel’s acting is bad, I think that’s just what Tedros was designed to be…like he’s this dude who’s sketchy AF, has a borderline corrupted vision of sexuality, but has an innate understanding of what passion is and is able to communicate that sympathetically (like the talk in the stairwell).

  9. It's so funny seeing people on Twitter say Abel gives off a weird and creepy vibe like... That's literally so clearly the whole point of his character???

  10. True, but I also see people wondering why the hell she’s talking to him if he’s just a creepy club owner, when it’s pretty obvious that his character is at least making it seem like he cares about her perfecting her craft or remedying her own dissatisfaction…Which is something no one else in her circle is trying to do.

  11. If you a Clippers fan you a Clippers fan. Can’t draw a line in a already small fanbase lol

  12. Some are definitely more ashamed to be one than others lol

  13. What a prickish comment and why I hate Real Madrid fans. If he chooses his family over Real Madrid, you’d question his ambition? Fuck off!

  14. I'm curious to see how this social media anti-Sam Levinson backlash translates to the ratings, good or bad.

  15. I wonder if people stop acting like JB and Tatum are on par with Kawhi and PG. No doubt that our guys are way more injury prone, but it has never been a close argument when people are healthy.

  16. The PG and Jaylen comparisons were always a joke to me

  17. Just crazy how much the narratives in this sub change lmao. Just stop it. He's objectively better than Doc. Doc doesn't even put his team in position to choke in the ECF. This is an 8 seed mind you

  18. Doc can't even get to a conference final anymore

  19. It was in Guitar Hero World Tour, actually. But that's what associate with it too!

  20. Damn 99% of this subreddit has never heard of the song.

  21. I don't even know what the gimmick is? He's just angry? And she caresses him a lot? Something with clocks? Who fuckin knows

  22. This game has been in development according to Neil Druckman since before Part 2 even shipped. To have gone over 3 years of development on a multiplayer game and feel that it's still not ready enough to show even the smallest sliver of it, is honestly wild to me.

  23. It's because they want it to be a live-service type game like Destiny. Something that's supported and played for multiple years, with regular content updates and stuff

  24. Honestly this whole "Last Of Us Multiplayer component" thing has been kinda a disaster. Unfortunately something like this really can't be in development for THIS long. We are still unsure what the hell this even is and we are 3 years removed from the release of the Last of Us Part II.

  25. The leaks made it seem it would be like Tarkov, live service type of thing

  26. a time skip to him living off grid and then having some kid/person stumble upon him being chased by the high table or something and john now has to protect this kid/person once again being thrust into the assassin world.

  27. Nah John basically has to go after the High Table in this fifth one. It makes too much sense to end it with 5 like that

  28. Right? Honestly 4 sucked, and it was way too long. They've been going downhill since 1, and the stakes are so low now. Bulletproof suits? A secret "western duel at dawn to get out of any trouble" clause? His friend shoots him the previous movie and in 5 minutes they're buddies again? Not going to spoil it, but... Now there's a continuation, even after the ending of 4? The story, which I thought was cool and mysterious at first, is really just collapsing in on itself at this point.

  29. If you actually think the 4th one sucked then LMAO

  30. People called me crazy when I said they'd beat the Clippers, and even crazier for saying they would beat KD. Now we're here. Glad they proved everyone wrong. Even those who knew but were doubting.

  31. Nuggets have owned us for years, I've seen way more comments stating that fact than saying we'd beat them lmao

  32. I just don't personally see Venom being the final antagonist of this game.

  33. Well I doubt they got Tony Todd only to barely use him

  34. I get burned in here every time I criticize PG's podcast, but that was the clearest sign to me that his focus is elsewhere. There's plenty of time in life to host a podcast and the final years of your NBA prime aint it.

  35. Nah there's a difference between PG's podcast and Draymond's imo

  36. Seeing all these other contending teams flame out in the playoffs is somewhat numbing the pain of our weak ass season.

  37. Nah according to some Clipper fans here, we're not allowed to compare our awful franchise with some of these other teams that flamed out in the playoffs

  38. Most irrational part of our fandom is thinking we know how good our medical staff is. R people really so dim that they think Ballmer wouldn’t replace them after revamping the entire organization? Like we have no idea about anything with our medical staff and yet people call for an overhaul like that will make Pg and Kawhi not get injured anymore

  39. It's so funny how people think changing trainers would magically keep all our players healthy

  40. Naw that’s Jaylen I feel like. Overrated overall while still being a very good player.

  41. PG's defense way better than Jaylen, the handle as well. and a better shooter

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