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Pro-Roe Protesters March on Kavanaugh and Roberts’ Homes

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Maria has been selling Kiwis and Mangos to her customers for 10 years. With everything going on, how is this a priority for anyone?

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Amazon labor union president Christian Smalls shuts down Lindsey Graham during a senate hearing.

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  1. I'm so glad she laid it out simply like that for any future copycats. Thanks, Hochul.

  2. Can anyone briefly explain to me what constitutes an "other" firearm?

  3. He had some kind of a manifesto where he railed against Fox News or something, right? What was the guy's actual motivation for this?

  4. how would anyone believe that this is due to radiation sickness? Is skin sloughing even a symptom of radiation sickness?

  5. While this sounds extreme, the amount of skid marks down the sidewalk in my neighborhood has sooooared in the last year or two. I'm not talking a little leftover patch of dog poop residue, but skid marks the entire length of the sidewalk. A full city block. I don't even know how that's physically possible.

  6. I agree especially with regard to this particular issue of filing police reports to fulfill loss claims to insurance companies. I had to do exactly that when my package was stolen off my doorstep -- the company, Route, requires that you file a police report for any stolen item the value of which is over $100. Thankfully, I just did it online; if you do it that way, you immediately get a reference number emailed to you and that's all that the insurance needs.

  7. This is what happens when you legalize something and don't have a viable framework for getting retail up and running for years afterwards.

  8. Paywalled for me, so can anyone summarize the article?

  9. just gotta click "escape" as soon as the page starts to load. that should stop the script they use.

  10. Protesting the Supreme Court is dumb. Courts are not elected for the very reason that public opinion is not supposed to sway them. They dont care what you "think" or "feel"...they care only about the interpretation of law. Its like protesting a rectangle.

  11. Most of the people doing the protesting these days clearly did not pay attention in "Government 101" back in high school.

  12. youd think even the democrat leadership would be trying to coral these cats towards house and senators instead of the supreme court. "Hey folks...not over there...come protest over here!"

  13. I felt the same about Occupy Wall Street. There WAS an Occupy DC movement, but it was comparatively small and didn't get the headline attention that OWS did.

  14. I think the issue is, here, that she's selling without a license and unlicensed produce can contain dangerous bacteria and pesticides (then again, so can licensed produce).

  15. FYI but the language spoken in Brooklyn's Chinatown as well as Manhattan's Chinatown is mostly Canto, not Mandarin.

  16. Unless they are much older, I'm going to guess that Cantonese speakers who migrated here from China probably understand Mandarin though since it's the official language of China, right?

  17. you can now do the adult equivalent -- the mat shot.

  18. Those things are no joke. I’ve seen aftermath photos of people with their entire hands mangled and fingers blown off by firecrackers.

  19. How does this work with FAR? You sell your air rights and your remaining Floor Area Ratio becomes their Floor Area Ratio? Or something?

  20. Uber workers are Assholes sometimes. Ordered a pizza and the dude was taking forever, calls us to say he’s been waiting for the food. We called the pizzeria few min later to ask them what’s the hold up and they said he literally just picked it up as we called…….dude cancels our order 10 minutes later. We got refunded but that means the dude just took the pizza and stuff for himself -_- if it was a case of him falling and spilling everything then he should’ve told us instead of canceling thus cutting off contact with him

  21. I don't know about Uber Eats in specific, but, my least favorite part about delivery apps is how your order can get accepted and then declined because either A) your tip isn't generous enough for the driver or B) the driver doesn't want to wait for your order to be ready. So the order just gets juggled around for ages and you end up thinking to yourself, "Shoot, I should have just walked up to the slice shop," or something.

  22. Serious question, how do you live on $10 a day and still live in the 5 boroughs? You hear the trope of living by the airport with 5 roommates or something, but this is pretty damn wild.

  23. Honestly I'd rather use these companies than pay gluttonous companies like Instacart, Grubhub, or Doordash.

  24. I just scratched my lip vicariously. Eesh.

  25. When you play fallout and need just a tad more carrying capacity.

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