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  1. Just got this phone and the adaptive brightness is on crack. In the same light it keeps going from pitch dark to full bright. Malfunctioning sensor maybe?

  2. What are we defining as a loss here? Because sitting on a half-empty apartment is also a loss, so theres gotta be some kind of threshold here

  3. the problem is that the alternative seems to be section 8 housing vouchers administered by NYCHA. There's a very good reason(s) that landlords don't jump for joy at having to deal with housing vouchers.

  4. Yeah you’re right. They’re just lovable tramps, riding the rails in search of adventure and not drugged out schizos pushing people in front of trains, attacking people like Jordan Neely, and degrading the quality of the subway overall.

  5. I think the preferred nomenclature now is "unhoused" lmfao.

  6. How quickly we forget what happens when our government receives a blank check to spend money for the greater good :]

  7. Let's start a movement. Force those multimillion dollar huge houses and apartments to house at least a few families and then your regular new yorkers house a few people

  8. wait is OC spray really illegal in NYC? wtf?

  9. it's a difficult problem -- you can't have cops stationed at all 400-something stations in the system (although, something tells me that even the ones currently stationed at the busiest stations don't enforce it much anyway because of the paperwork).

  10. So this is the problem. When i check out the NYISO website, we are creating about 1 to 2% of the State's overall power via wind and solar now that we made the colossal mistake of shutting down Indian Point without a suitable replacement. Where is the bulk of our electricity coming from? You guessed it! Natural gas burning power plants.

  11. No defence for those pieces of shit, but this is the inevitable consequence of wealth inequality, institutional racism, and poor education systems.

  12. ...are you serious or is this meant to be sarcastic?

  13. Chiming in 7 months later -- i thank him too! I eat 2 egg and 3 egg white scrambled eggs for breakfast and I swear to god my scramble always wants to stick to my Granitestone non-stick pan. Sonuva gun.

  14. Honestly I'll just pay them when i get my next paycheck on Friday. I don't want the 18th to pass by and they come back and say I owe them interest and penalties. . .

  15. So are you just going to submit a payment online for the total amount shown owed on your 1040? When I filed my 1040 has payment vouchers (1 for the entire amount , and then 4 if I want to pay quarterly). Do you think if I submit the quarterly payment by tax day I’ll be okay? The date on the first voucher is tax day but I never asked or signed up for a payment plan. So don’t want to get penalized for having a balance after the due date if that’s not allowed.

  16. To clarify. I'm submitting my payment digitally on for the total amount i owe

  17. whoa, whoa, whoaaaa! 5 whole whole bullet rounds per magazine clip? what do you need with more than one musket load at a time!

  18. Anyone know how SS is supposed to protect a former president in a courtroom and possibly behind bars? Are there limits to the security SS provides to former presidents?

  19. If convicted, Trump will probably get sent to a country club and maybe even have his own entire wing. Who knows.

  20. When will be arrested? So I can start the party Taco Tuesday? Wings Wednesday? Takeout Thursday? Fajitas Friday? Stakes Saturday? Sundae Sunday? Meatloaf Monday? Let’s get the party started

  21. Serious question: can Taco Tuesday also be Taco Thursday? Or are we restricted to one Taco day per week?

  22. Pretty much, IT SHOULD fall under the rule of lenity for those who might be charged due to how vague it is, but we know the ATF or any other agency is gonna fight tooth and nail for the most extreme interpretation. Like I said it's been a topic of discussion for a while, hell we even have a smaller discussion here in NY that is similar what is considered "permanent" for fixing a mag in place? Does simply needing tools to undo it, tools that you presumably do not carry to the range, cover that? Or must everything involved be slathered in epoxy?

  23. "The final rule, which went into effect in August 2022, clarifies that when a partially complete frame or receiver, including one in a parts kit, is “readily” convertible to a firearm they are subject to the same regulations as a firearm made by a federal firearms licensed manufacturer."

  24. When I think about this law, the irony behind it is that it is more likely to perpetuate mass-shootings than it is to prevent them. . . as individuals who NEED mental health services are less likely to seek them out due to the implications of not being able to own firearms, so you'll have more people with untreated mental illness who are able to buy guns.

  25. Other cities have permit parking, as well. However, other cities also have actual street parking available on the avenues and boulevards, lol.

  26. They didn't say improper/staff repaired devices, they said faulty medical devices.

  27. lol way to cite a study company that lobbies for device manufacturers. You just played yourself.

  28. lol. one single post on this entire account and somehow got a commendation.

  29. Can't leave out the hovercrafts, too! Darn things. . . .

  30. You mean the 45% of NYC residents who own cars, who are largely long term residents?

  31. ssshh, don't burst his bubble. He still hasn't gotten over the FDNY busting the Occupy Wall Street camp.

  32. Imagine telling someone in ANY other state that you need to modify the rifle to use pump action in order to be compliant with your state's laws lol.

  33. I honestly don't know much about housing vouchers at all, but doing some google-fu for the last 15 minutes it seems like the problem is not so much discrimination against the PEOPLE that want to pay with vouchers, but the landlords are fearful of the IMPLICATIONS of dealing with voucher-holders.

  34. They never asked for it on the online portal, plus I applied before the training requirement.

  35. What the other guy said. What in the holy hell is a lifetime abstract? lol

  36. It is very expensive. $430 to get, $340 every 3 years, and you only get to carry 2 guns, only on public streets as long as you don't go inside anywhere or to any rest stops or parks. So yeah, it's totally useless right now.

  37. I am pretty sure that the MTA will never allows guns to be carried on premises (for obvious reasons), so it pretty much moots the usefulness for anyone who lives in the 5 boroughs and uses public transit.

  38. Have you tried it? Reviews seem to be mixed on google. some people are wowed by the novelty, and others say that the doners are mostly filled with veg, meat is cold, and the fries and pita can be "tough" (aka: stale).

  39. I tried DonerHaus a few weeks back and it was tasty, albeit a little messy. While waiting for my food, I noticed a group of middle school boys gawking at the storefront. The owner asked them if they liked the sign, and the boys all pretended not to recognize the logo. It's comforting to know that kids these days are still into wholesome things like juicy kebabs, though.

  40. they're into juicy something, that's for sure.

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