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  1. Audio is this game is absolute dog shit. People constantly run right behind me with zero footsteps.

  2. The footsteps thing is something I’m blow away the team doesn’t work on more

  3. I’m sorry to be this guy and I know you get a lot of them but I’m genuinely concerned. I just got tickets in the exchange , does anyone think there is a chance I will get tickets before the festival

  4. I’m sorry I don’t quite understand your question. Do you mean that you signed up for the exchange and you haven’t been assigned tickets yet? Or have you been assigned tickets and are worried about them being shipped in time?

  5. I’m worried that I may not get the tickets. Like I requested them and am in line. I just did it

  6. So I’m in sales and was blamed for “spamming the phone” like calling people and just hanging up because we are baseed on metrics and the amount of dials you get is one of those metrics. I was blamed for this because I worked through lunch. Some of you may think it’s hard to sit at a desk for 9 hours a day but I worked in kitchen for 12-14 hour shifts so it wasn’t. One of my out of college coworkers said I was doing it to get better metrics

  7. Probably taking this question out of context but just act like doing 5 lines of coke , 3 tabs, while drinking and smoking a. Tin foil gravity bong was some kinda flex. Really dumb loud girl

  8. Being friends with my half brother. He is a huge dick but we have grown up together , he has ruined a lot for me but also helped with a lot

  9. I like how so many people on Reddit say stuff like this just for the sake of saying it. Your positioning literally does not matter if your opponents can tower dive you all the way into oblivion. In higher ranks of conquest, junglers literally only need to take 2 tower shots to kill you because they do enough damage to one shot you. Also, the book build isn’t exactly good. It’s necessary. At least it is for gods like Ah Puch. It significantly reduces the damage output, but it’s pretty much necessary for some gods to be viable. So it has nothing to do with “building right”. It’s just that you’re forced into a low dps build because you can’t survive otherwise. Meanwhile there are chads that still go the hyper dps build on gods like Ah Puch and end up going 15/10. Now that’s what I like to see.

  10. I would like to see Freya have ranged basic attacks all the time. I think she would be a lot more fun and it would make her more viable as well.

  11. Why? He is perfect for very bad players haha, unmissable low cooldown abilities that do plenty of damage, you really can't build him wrong and he has 2 get out of jail free cards. He is built for noobs.

  12. The main problem with kuk is that if you miss his alt , he is almost useless

  13. Think about how they may get Covid for going out and socializing

  14. Think ahead before you do anything, not everything is what it seems to be

  15. I have a drug problem when they are available

  16. A sub Reddit dedicated to video games that deserved more popularity than what they got

  17. When other people are involved in a decision that you have a say in

  18. When single player adventure games have overly simple puzzles or puzzles that are so difficult you can’t even make out what your suppose to do to start it. I feel like there is barely any middle ground

  19. This is me personally but I feel like it’s the speed of the fireball moves

  20. In high school , I can’t say the circumstances.

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