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  1. Are more Desi people moving here or is it just a food trend?

  2. I swear to god Short Pump is plurality desi these days lol. In my parent’s culdesac alone, 5/7 houses are owned by Desis. Including us lmao.

  3. Lmfao how much you wanna bet that that someone inserted a blank column or row so when they sorted some data didnt sort with the rest, and unique people didnt have unique identifier #’s so you couldnt run a vlookup or formula to find duplicates. Lol

  4. Oooh it was definitely the vlookup thing. Every year thousands of first year analysts fall prey to this issue…. Myself included once upon a time

  5. Good point lol not gonna lie, I'd put up with quite a bit of bigotry to get a couple billion.

  6. Exactly. It shows how much of a massive piece of shit Elon is that his daughter is willing to forgo potential billions in inheritance and the chance to live life comfortably just to not be associated with him.

  7. That’s still a lot. I play a mobile Star Wars game that averages 300-400k active players and it’s considered successful.

  8. I’d assume Star War Galaxy of Heroes. Hero collector, gatcha game similar to Marvel Stroke Force and Raid Shadow Legends.

  9. For real. Like, I’m glad she had a father to take care of her when her mother couldn’t. But the notion that a father should get an award for doing his part of parenting is absurd. Plenty of single mothers raised kids all on their own, and rarely get the recognition a dad does when he just shows up for his kid.

  10. It feels like peak Reddit that the top comment on a post about a phenomenal young woman overcoming insurmountable odds is “what about the MAN!?!?”

  11. lebron put up a near 40 point triple double in game 4 against denver, he didnt throw in the towel the nuggets just out classed them heavily

  12. He also orchestrated the greatest comeback in NBA history when he came back after being down 3-1 to the 73 win Warriors. OP has no clue what he’s talking about.

  13. Warriors fans can never accept losing to a play in team in the second round it’s truly great😁

  14. Lmaoo the absolute gall this moron has to post this comment like the Warriors aren’t the League’s absolute golden child right now with the largest (and richest) international fanbase

  15. Yeah her eyes are breathtaking 😞

  16. Which, IIRC was due to them previously ignoring some underage videos.

  17. There was also a ton of stuff that was non consensually posted there. I’m glad it’s all gone TBH

  18. It's so transparently all rooted in his relationship with this estranged trans daughter.

  19. This theory relies on him having ever cared about his kids, and he doesn’t give a shit about any of them.

  20. Would not be surprised if this is spearheaded by Moms of Liberty. They contribute nearly zero positivity to society and are hell-bent on erasing any literature that talks about LGBTQ+, literature written by authors of color, and literature that discusses America’s history in an accurate, evidenced-based manner

  21. It’s funny because I was talking to a Black author at the Black book festival that Diversity Richmond hosted a while back, and he told me making it onto one of those bands book lists is almost a good thing for the author.

  22. You mean the time Reddit was convinced they had found the Boston Bomber, but it turns out it was a missing brown college student who was later found dead in a river from suicide? And the entire time his distraught mother had to deal with the internet thinking he was a terrorist while she was desperately trying to find him?

  23. Or the time half of Reddit bought into an actual pump-and-dump-scheme with Gamestop. The instigators of that mess must have reaped millions from that.

  24. Careful bud or their subreddit will find you haha

  25. Passive health regen in combat is not a thing buddy…

  26. Lol I honestly did not know that. Do trolls get it?

  27. Let’s talk about the Suns’ epic collapses then since that’s more recent news.

  28. God I’m so glad we didn’t get swept. I might have had to go into hiding until next winter like Punxsutawney Phil.

  29. There is so much wrong with the organization of this festival as someone that has been on the dirty insides. Fuck boston calling

  30. Bro you can’t say that then not spill the tea

  31. Lmao they really slammed you for no real reason

  32. This is the misunderstanding. It’s not “don’t ever hit on women”. It’s: don’t be pushy, take no for an answer, don’t insult her if she does say no. Saying yes isn’t a green light for sex. If a girl is out in a group with her female friends, she probably not looking to be hit on. It’s girls’ night. However if you’re that captivated and want to approach her, lead off with something like, “it looks like you’re having a girls’ night but I had to come and say hello and quickly ask if you’d like to …get coffee, lunch, dinner whatever. If she knows you’re not intending on pulling up a chair and joining her and she’s single and interested, you being respectful that she’s with her girlfriends will be well regarded. It’s about consent. It’s about seeing us as not being there for the sole purpose of being hit on, that’s all. And you can call us what you’re comfortable with as long as the intent is good. Harder in writing, obviously. Tone matters. I draw the line at sheila but that’s an Australian thing so that’s only this side of the pond.

  33. Instructions unclear, posted an incel meme to

  34. Well gee, I’d hate to hear when you do sound flippant

  35. Really not happy with the edit Jayme is getting from TLC.

  36. Lol surprise, surprise — TLC is selectively editing to make the brown foreigner look bad when the American is objectively more terrible!

  37. Hey we beat URI and Bryant this year!

  38. What if you vote GOP because you want to minimize social spending and in turn maximize military spending to supply Ukraine against Russia, possibly saving the future of NATO and Europe.

  39. Yeah lol try telling your firm that Sam Altman pinky swears it won’t be saved and they’ll laugh in your face.

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