1. Medsurg is known for being miserable. That’s why everyone recommends getting experience there and then getting the hell out. I went to oncology infusion after medsurg and I have never been happier.

  2. Seems like it. I’d honestly kind of like to do without my year or two of medsurg experience. I’m a PCT there, and while I know that is definitely not RN experience, I feel like I’ve had enough of medsurg!

  3. I got a NICU job straight out of school and I am very very happy. I can never be sad I am going to work because these little babies are so adorable and immediately brighten up my day. There are some hard situations at times and experiencing family and sending babies home with parents that aren’t amazing is hard, but overall the cuteness of the babies and all the tiny medical equipment outweighs the bad. You are so right that they are innocent and I feel you in the way that it is hard to have as much compassion for someone who made choices that got them where they are. I worked med/surg as a CNA and the compassion fatigue from assholes just expecting a hotel experience was enough to steer me away from adults all together. Babies can poop and pee and vomit and kick you, but they don’t mean to. Babies that are withdrawing have the highest pitch shrill scream ever but even then you feel bad for them and snuggle them up. Having a baby sleep on your chest is the best feeling, and seeing incredible miracles like going to deliveries and seeing the tiniest babies grow and go home is the best feeling. It is such a rewarding job and I highly recommend. If you have more questions abt NICU feel free to dm!

  4. Thank you! Yes what I explained is what I meant by "more passionate". You explained that much better than me! I just made an ass of myself lol. Thank you-- I will!

  5. Nursing student who techs at a hospital here. You are doing fine! People can be jerks. As long as you put patient safety first and ask for help when you need it, you will be fine. Please always ask for help when you need it— do not be scared. I am SO THANKFUL for my tech experience as a nursing student. It has taught me so much — from ways to give a bed bath more efficiently, to being able to communicate with others more effectively! Very thankful for my job, even though it is very hard, and I don’t get paid anywhere near enough. The experience is worth it for me right now.

  6. Tell their boss how amazing you think they are! And tell the CNAs too of course lol

  7. How is it weird to buy a gift for your mother in law? Reachiest post I've ever seen in here

  8. I agree. I love my MIL. My husband and my mom always say "Love you" to each other when ending a phone call. IDK what the big deal is.

  9. I do think that there's a possibility she bought it herself...THEN it would be weird and funny lol

  10. True. But I could see Jonathan buying it for Mahmo-in-law. He’s chugging the Kool Aid too, as much as this sub seems to hope otherwise

  11. Nope. What made you think that? I’m curious. Is that town as trashy as mine? 🥲

  12. Haha no. I used to live there and worked at a Food Bank during the pandemic. We converted into a drive through system and we had to deal with some similar situations unfortunately.

  13. Me too. If my wedding was in the fall/winter, I would have wanted that too! But I'm a whore for soup. That was actually a really good idea-- cheap, filling, and not Chex Mix.

  14. My dad is also a MD! It is so nice for me to see this post. I used to have some guilt for not becoming an MD like him, until I realized that way of thinking is complete horseshit and nurses are awesome.

  15. Ugh I'm a PCT on a medsurg floor and I am so jealous! I would love to work on a NICU unit! I want to be a NICU unit when I become a nurse. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to be a NICU nurse right out of school because it seems to be one of the more enjoyable specialities, and some people think you need to do medsurg first right out of nursing school. I definitely do not want to do that-- especially everything I see all the RNs going through on my unit! Also, NICU nurses have a tough job too! Just like you have a challenging job at times too!

  16. That is great to know!! I am glad someone enjoys medsurg lol. I like it as a tech, but would not like it as an RN!

  17. Religious women are more likely to be SAHM who desire community/way to earn income from home

  18. One thing I'd recommend is getting her CNA via community college or something and then working as a PCT or PCA at a hospital. (Patient Care Tech/Assistant). I work as a PCT at a hospital on a medsurg floor (that is like the general floor of a hospital) and I really enjoy it. I do not have my CNA (I am in nursing school-- just doing this for the experience) but I know the people who work as PCTs and have their CNA make more than me. There are also three levels. PCT I, PCT II, PCT III. Each level has more responsibility than the last. I'm just a PCT I and make $15 an hour, which is not great because I'm busting my ass for practically my entire shift, but I know at least one of the PCTs makes close to $19 or $20 an hour. (I live in a low cost of living area just for reference) She could also be a PCT on an ICU floor-- since those patients are so high-acuity, the nurse does most of the work and I have heard that the PCTs there get more downtime.

  19. In my area nursing homes you make more I know the hospital only paid 14-15 but the nursing homes were paying 17-22. I myself thought about going to work at the hospital as an LPN until they offered me 17/hr I was making 18/hr as a cna in a nursing home. And as an LPN I can make $26 in a nursing home. $40 and up for agency as an LPN

  20. That’s good! I’m sure working at a nursing home is no joke! I think the hospitals get away with paying us PCTs so little because most of the PCTs I know are nursing students and are doing the job to get the experience. $15 is NOT enough

  21. Thanks for sharing :)Really glad to hear that it's been a positive experience for you. Newer PCT (patient care tech, cna, whatever) over here on a Med Surg floor and will be sticking with the position as I go through nursing school. Just wrapped up a fairly tough day over here and will be waking up in a handful of hours to go back for another, but it really has been great. I sometimes think that I wish I had found healthcare 10 years ago, in my 20s, but then quickly realize I don't think I personally would have been ready for it. It would have been fine to do but back then I don't think I would have really felt the full weight of it or had been able to bring my best (and continually improving) self to it all. Finally feel like I'm doing something that has objective meaning and I love being surrounded by situations where I can help people out all day long. Hope that everything continues to go well for you - wasn't sure if I should comment but figured might as well let you know thst another random redditor is out there cheering you on and wishing you the best.

  22. I feel the same way. I used to be an elementary school teacher, and I am now going to nursing school. I really wish I had gone to nursing school first— I missed out on traveling during the pandemic, and I could probably be a NP or something by now. However, I’m kind of a slow bloomer so I don’t think I could have handled being a nurse as a fresh 22 y.o!

  23. Actually I am learning the difference. A patient Care Tech, Must have a Certified CNA License, Phlebotomy Certificate and EKG Certificate. Next you sit for the patient tech course and it is a national certification. I will taking the course this spring. I always look at what license the job requires. I have seen some, where the ad said, CNA required, PCT preferred.

  24. I’m a PCT and I’m not a CNA, and I do no phlebotomy or EKG work. I have no certificates, I’m a nursing student who has taken a nursing fundamentals course.

  25. Labeling and scanning urine samples. I can never remember what sticker goes on what tube, and how to scan the tubes! So embarrassing. 😅

  26. I mean, I think you could have gotten in trouble if you DIDN'T answer the door! APS is a government organization.

  27. Just a tip for if you have kids. Get "the four money bears book" for them. A 4/5 year old can grasp the concepts of what to do with money with that. Obviously not all inclusive and such, but a great foundation to give a kid.

  28. That’s great to know! Of course I want to set them up for success ASAP. I was more saying that my kid (assuming they’re responsible) is welcome to live with me in adulthood in order to maximize their savings!

  29. Many desirable places to live are over saturated with NPs which makes it harder to get a job (much more so if you don’t have several years of solid RN experience in your specialty), and it brings down wages.

  30. As a current nursing student who wanted to be a NP until I realized the saturation/lack of schooling, I recommend you go the PA route

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