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  1. His first “retirement” may or may not have been a shadowban for gambling. And he would not have been considered GOAT if he never came back from the first retirement.

  2. Reece James is a tank and much more physical than Dest. He also has air presence

  3. Could be a sign Xavi see’s a little bit of Mascherano in Dest maybe? That’s going to be my twist here.

  4. No way he’s an 8. Motor for sure but does not have the distribution. Always rated him for his effort alone, though. Been saying for years he could play a key part in a dynamic front 3 a la Frimino for Liverpool.

  5. You’re not the OP. Do you want advice about biscuits, or just general life advice?

  6. Well, if they think Pepi will earn them marketing opportunities in the US they will be sorely disappointed, lol. Only hardcore US fans even know who he is at this point, and we are a very small part of the US population.

  7. I think the idea is that he will grow as a player and become more of an icon stateside. Realistically they couldn’t currently sign a “big name” American. They’re betting on his potential.

  8. Moms taking on Beef Wellington today. It’s going to take a miracle performance to get a result.

  9. A little salty but better than anticipated. Compare it to a well fought 3-1 loss.

  10. Posting my same comment from the other thread because it’s even more applicable now:

  11. Obviously he’s lacking in other areas compared to our other striker options, but I feel like Pefok the best pure goal scorer we have. Has to have a spot in the squad IMO

  12. The US isn't going to coup somebody over Taiwan lmao

  13. Does anyone happen to know the backstory behind that colloquial name? I’m curious.

  14. Is Lucas not past it at this point? Reminds me of Willian at Chelsea towards the end. Mostly shit but moments of solid contribution.

  15. He also led the take-down of the Haitian FA, who was notoriously known for having "unimaginable" stories of sexual abuse at all levels.

  16. Why would we not have Pulisic and Weah on the field together for at least a few minutes?

  17. Taking out Weah and Musah was a crime.

  18. Two of my favorite tracks. Suzuka because of the layout, monza because I live 30 mins away from it.

  19. Did do an internship in Düsseldorf. It is certainly a very very not solarpunk-y city. I actually felt like I was in purgatory while there.

  20. Funny coincidence, I did an internship in Köln… do you happen to know why Altbier is so much darker than Kölsch?

  21. How’s he been doing in recent weeks? Feel like I haven’t heard about him as much as I did at the start of the season.

  22. You heard about it 58 minutes before I did…

  23. I see no discussion of the Swedish firewood technique. Ive never seen this one until this post. Anyone have real life experience with it and can elaborate on how well it works?

  24. We need this man to take over as France coach

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