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  1. Da steht nirgends gebraucht. Vielleicht sind sie einfach ungenutzt.

  2. Aber sind das Gymnastikbälle? Und bei der Suche nach gebrauchten Gymnastikbällen erwartet man doch etwas anderes?

  3. Keep it up! We need momentum. One day we‘ll also lock the float. This will be Hedgies‘ game over

  4. There’s a LOT of new information about DRS that came out in the last two days.

  5. I've seen on this subreddit folks who have responded and said that APE killed this play and how AA screwed us. Read some of my other posts. So there are some in the audience that may be struggling with the same thoughts. So looking to see if others are thinking the same and where they likely will transfer to.

  6. Don‘t you realize how dumb it is to think this is a good sub to talk about other tickers you should buy? Go to WSB or whatever. Your arguments don‘t make any sense. You could just be a shill and then it would probably best to just ignore you. But if you‘re not a shill, you‘re one of those impatient dudes who start bitchin all the time, when it‘s obvious that MM‘s and SHFs are just manipulating the price down so more people start whining like you, when all you need to do is be patient, trust in the process and wait until the inevitable happens and they‘re finally forced to close their shorts. Just wait for the moment AA announces that AMC is debt free or at least free from a big chuck of heavy debt. The short thesis will be gone one day. That’s when Tutes pile in and they can’t but close their positions. If you really want to discuss buying other tickers, go to other subs!

  7. My recommendation: fck off! There are other subs where you can discuss topics like these. This is the worst choice though

  8. Die haben schon seit Wochen technische Probleme mit ihrer Postbox. Wenn du auf gehst steht dort ein Hinweis das die Postbox zur Zeit nur über diesen link zu erreichen ist... Hoffe das löst dein Problem...

  9. Das verstehe ich nicht ganz. Meinst Du über einen alternativen Link komme ich rein in die Postbox?

  10. Habe gerade nochmal geschaut... Bin gerade mobil unterwegs und kann die Nachricht deshalb nicht copy paste hier reinstellen. Aber sie schreiben das man den Login in über ihre Website also Onvista- nutzen soll und nicht den über finanzen- Wie gesagt probier es mal über die Webseite der Onvista direkt... Sie haben auf jedenfall gerade Postbox Probleme...

  11. Next step: DR. Strange them biatches. Not financial advice ☝🏼 just what I‘m about to do

  12. I‘m def with you on that! Some things call for revolution. This is def some of those things

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