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  1. I've been waiting all day for your recap, thank you for your service! 💖💖💖

  2. Would've, Could've, Should've I find interesting dancing with the devil at 19. Makes me think John Mayer got her into the Devil's dandruff and it might have become more of an issue for her than she'd have liked.

  3. she genuinely looks like that cat lady :( She was a beautiful girl before all these procedures.

  4. I’m not sure if this is a good place to post this but her little community is on fire right now. Apparently her husband (maybe ex) got SAd by an anon OT member of her club. She submitted pictures of him dressed and sleeping in her bed and he and his friends confirmed that the crime was in fact committed. Around the time in which he posted his version of what happened he was getting flooded with hate comments and just some really nasty things and now people are demanding to know more information about these people. Acacia making her return to social media is just adding fuel to this ongoing fire especially when some of those twitter people refuse to let go of this extremely sensitive topic.

  5. Where's the SA allegation coming from? Not trying to defend anyone, just curious.

  6. He made a TikTok about it saying what happened. He was drunk and she basically grabbed hold of him after he said no I don’t want to and put him in her

  7. She said it was all over her feet too…so everyone probably got a little pee on them.

  8. I really like Theresa, but I imagine this is generally a stressful time of year for her. Corporate jobs generally are busy this time of year. AFAIK this will be her first Christmas without her mom nearby. She seems exhausted.

  9. I think it looks a bit busy while the rest of the space looks more serene. Maybe something with lonly 2 or 3 colours, including beige to tie in with the room, and less shapes on it.

  10. Before any trolls try to come at me, I have ADHD and have struggled with it for years, so I have a pretty good understanding of what I’m speaking on.

  11. I love Alexandria, she's one of the only people I watch all videos of, but her piles of boxes gives me genuine anxiety!

  12. Has she been reading all the comments saying Ariel should stop caking the make up on ?


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