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  1. FYI I know how to create columns on Word, I mean specifically like how it's pictured above. Two columns having dot points and the third having a paragraph. Every time I make an attempt it always formats weirdly and muddles up.

  2. Once again I request naughty, juicy, dirty, horny, stuck in the washing machine, sexy, moist

  3. Once again I request naughty, juicy, dirty, sexy

  4. They should have brought her T4 tracksuit back in Tekken 7 instead of her T4 dress.

  5. Every time this doesn't win I'm going to add another unpleasant adjective.

  6. Every time this doesn't win I'm going to add another unpleasant adjective.

  7. Every time this doesn't win I'm going to add another unpleasant adjective.

  8. You most likely think that because you're part of that group, but if you were to set your biases aside, you'd probably also come to the conclusion that most Christie fans are, in fact, (mostly straight) people who love boobies. That's the majority of the Tekken playerbase to begin with.

  9. Where exactly is your evidence to support this? Christie has a huge LGBT+ fanbase, myself included. Eddy is the one that appeals to straight people.

  10. Mileena’s half shaved hair again is just criminal at this point, they need to let women design the female characters

  11. Yeah idk why her hair couldn't have just been braided on the sides.

  12. 6 was pretty decent too, but my god that single player RPG was a slog.

  13. Yeah I wish they had of just brought back Chronicles of the Sword like people asked for.

  14. Tekken 1 Anna holding her face in her and Nina's ending movie.

  15. I actually think his face in Tekken 8 looks a lot like his face in Tekken 3.

  16. I always thought she was a cool character, mained her in Tag 2 with Forest Law.

  17. Tekken could do with a busty milfy British character like DOA Christie or Ivy from Soulcalibur.

  18. Imo Tiger was a clone too, those few changed moves didn't make him different enough.

  19. That's my point, Tiger is still a clone so you wouldn't have to worry about learning two different movesets in Tag 3.

  20. Personally i'm not a huge fan of this outfit for Anna, imo it lacks that Femme Fatale look and vibe she is known for.

  21. Good job Max for promoting Eddy!

  22. This fanart is definitely worthy of being posted twice! 💚

  23. Neither of them died. It's just that they have the same movements. There are no differences between them.

  24. You realize Anna, Armour King, Kunimitsu, Jun & possibly others originally had the same movesets as their counterparts before they were revamped. Now it's Christie's turn for a re-vamp.

  25. I encourage more Christie fanart, she looks incredible!

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