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Ticketmaster has cancelled the general sale

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  1. A lot of people here in the UK are struggling to stay warm and afford food, and then we see these pampered overindulged multi millionaires fawning all over each other moaning how hard done by they are,, I've got two words for the lot of them.. Fuck Off.

  2. I hope you say the same thing whenever there's news about the other royals' diplomatic agendas

  3. Hate how just bc sadly these two were in the same room for one evening and prob never in life again it’s somehow given permission to Saint Snarkle trolls to come over here and taint the waters with the not even subtle racism and misogynoir you have an entire thriving sub, why come here? We don’t taint your well so leave us to our own brand of snark here.

  4. I know I'm so tired of this BS. At the end of the day even if MM were a narcissist she does not expose her life or her family's life in anywhere near the same way. She did not lie about her ethnicity/heritage. I'm sure there are a bunch of public figures with less than acceptable private lives who don't showcase it and nobody brings them up in conversation. Like Jesus stop equating these two.

  5. This is honestly the biggest indicator that the two should not be compared to each other.

  6. I thought it was a banquet? I don't mind it at all but it feels too short/casual for the occasion?

  7. Not sure I see a connection between these two? Megan never posted crazy pregnancy pics regardless of moon bump rumors whereas Hillz gladly posted ridic pics and lapped up the attention. Hillz gives us much on a daily basis almost to reinforce who she really is, so more than a rumor or speculation with due cause at the very least.

  8. Agreed. I really don't get the connection and I find it hilarious that hilaria would want to say she and MM have had similar bullying experience. Say what you will about MM but she's never brought her 2 month old to an interview for attention. Or over shared about her children. Or her life. Or lied about being a minority.

  9. Evermore is also great but seems like Exile overshadowed it.

  10. I mean, they're honestly all great. I just rediscovered willow and it's awesome. Exile just hooked me from the beginning.

  11. Hey guys! So I just read about Taylor hosting private parties for fans. Without asking for too much(this feels like an underground kind of conversation) do I even create the opportunity to be found by her team? I feel like even asking this question disqualifies me but what do you do when you don't know h Where to star?

  12. I don’t really use social media for anything except work but if she ever did some secret sessions I wonder if they could find a way to find the fans like me out there who are shy on socials but love her just as much and would literally die (dead) to see her play in a smaller setting… it seems like in the past when she has done secret sessions it’s only been for fans who are absolutely GOING for it with Taylor content on socials.

  13. She’s so dumb I don’t know why I bother BUT if you have someone film something and you say ok stop and they keep filming that’s actually annoying not “extra credit”

  14. What? That couldn't be further from the truth. This man is so out of touch.

  15. I just received a free copy of People through the mail (I cancelled my subscription years ago) and it went right into the trash.

  16. Agreed, the 1989 era ranks low for me because it felt more superficial & less genuine than her previous eras and albums at that time

  17. I wonder if this is why I never really connected with 1989 even though it was super popular

  18. For Taylor, I think a significant factor was also her music. It grew with her and her audience. Like, you can feel Taylor go from a hopeful, teenage girl to a woman hardened by experience. Taylor’s music has also always come off as authentic and vulnerable, and that staying the same her whole career helped her develop a dedicated fan base that would stick with her through all the seasons of her life.

  19. "you can feel Taylor go from a hopeful, teenage girl to a woman hardened by experience"

  20. I'd add Anne Hathaway to that list. After princess diaries she could only book fantasy/princess roles. It took her having to show some skin to break out. Same with Julie Andrews (though she wasn't a child) the Disney image is a blessing and a curse

  21. Honestly I'm done trying to rank her music. I think it's all really really good and different enough to have its own spot in my heart 😅

  22. She really likes pushing this "beautiful chaos" narrative in all her group pictures

  23. It doesnt make sense. She literally was pregnant with edu when they got lucia How can she claim infertility?

  24. I'm not gonna share the journalist's name? Like people can't just go to the article she linked and figure it out in two seconds?

  25. That covers the subreddit twice over. They do s should just give them to us🤣🤡

  26. I'm here hoping for a thinly veiled "ticketmaster sucks" song in Her next album

  27. Actually I bet they took a big block of tickets and sent them to Stub Hub before the sale

  28. Yeah I had no idea we were buying VIP tickets it was so confusing to me

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