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  1. If you’ve asked him to delete and he said yes but didnt, then break it up. Dont wait until you break up for some other reason and just look back at this and say “i should have done it then”

  2. Well. A past of cheating? Of course.. a past of being with other men in committed relationships that didn’t work? I don’t care.

  3. What if she was madly in love with her ex and was dumped.

  4. You shouldn’t be jealous. Its ok if you are but you shouldn’t.

  5. People that are saying this is rape/assault and he should leave her.

  6. I’m a woman, and what she did is rape. I’m so sorry. Please cut her loose.

  7. If you really like him. Be honest. If you did porn, there is a very likely chance he will find out and you want to be loved back no matter your past so this would be the ultimate test. If your worried he’ll just try to sleep with you. Don’t sleep with him until you want to.

  8. It’s always a new experience and more exciting.

  9. Does that mean having affairs or using escort services (i.e., sex) for pleasure and without emotion or feeling for the affair partner is ok by that definition because you always come home and spend meaningful time with your spouse?

  10. When you are in a relationship no.. but when you are not in one yes… its basic respect.

  11. My RJ is the other way around.. it comes from a place where they had genuine feelings for their ex. Any thoughts on how to overcome this?

  12. I dated a girl who had fake boobs. The pro was that they were well done and looked great. The con was that she lost all feeling in her boobs and nipples, so playing with them during sex did nothing for her.

  13. Having RJ on my partners relationships while me having kid with my ex.

  14. Porn links and pictures, yes normal for guy friends to share. Keep in minds these can be taken by a simple google search and they are there as content.

  15. You thought it had gone away but what he was going through is just bottling it up which may have led to his decision to break up. What he made progress on was how not to stress you out.

  16. Now just set boundaries. It will still be an issue but he has to control his actions. Atleast for now, to that extent he has to have a control.

  17. We do forget our first just fyi… and we can forget people that didnt matter too…

  18. I actually relate to that, my partner has expressed this exact sentiment in many many different ways over the many months of my struggle - that he has been waiting for me his whole life and if everything in our lives had to play out the way it did just so we could be together, he wouldnt change a thing, that he'd pick me over everyone else every single time, that everything with me is the first because it's with the love of his life. My RJ just dismisses it sadly :/

  19. Your actually lucky, coz i have not heard that from my partner and my RJ is related to this not sexual past.

  20. As a person with RJ, we do need self control on how we act. We have a hard time coping with our partners pass but does not excuse how we lash out. Self control is a must.

  21. That makes sense. He was the one who asked about the past, I never mentioned it without being asked except this one time to try to explain myself.

  22. I completely agree with you that this is his issue.

  23. Yes, this is a great idea! We actually talked a bit yesterday, and after posting on here, it was much easier to have a discussion that didn't end in anger.

  24. Just question. As a person without RJ do you not feel any jealousy with your partners past lets say its been years ago and they have not contacted each other. Just completely no update on each other. Does the thought that your partner might have loved that person more than you cross your mind.

  25. I would test the willing to do anything and however long part. As long as you can handle it.

  26. She attended a party that was not meant for couples in a serious relationship.

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