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China sanctions US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

This hits me right in the feels

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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Oh no I I clicked on a thing and it downloaded im a dumb dumb and dont know anything about computers. I'll beat my kids isp man/woman don't worry it will never happen again.

  2. Dude trust me it just causes a bigger jam.

  3. The difference between the two is drastic. We had it way worse than this in 2008.

  4. 2008 was bad but I dont remember my government rolling out tanks to stop me from pulling out money.

  5. I'm guessing it's no coincidence that the colonists are all attractive women and that the amazingly skilled prisoner being disposed of (by the player's command) via organ harvesting is male.

  6. Role-playing harem of sexy cannibals and me. - rimworld twitch streamer.

  7. Closing the hatch where one of his tank crew is bleeding out, and the other one wounded. These guys got to do some trust falls or something.

  8. I feel there is some sexual tension in the room.

  9. Are Xbox controllers that fragile? I’ve had the same ps4 controller for years

  10. Xbox one controllers are junk went through 2 in 6 months. Ps4 is decent still holding for 2yrs. And my 2 Xbox 360 held out the longest over 3 years with a little maintenance.

  11. let me guess. these drones were just sitting in storage and gathering dust?

  12. I love when I find a 5 in my pocket too.

  13. night sweats, lethargy, nightmares / vivid dreams, insomnia, irritability.

  14. Smoking weed over 2 decades all times ive quit ranging from 3 months to a 1 year. 8 -10 times total i think. Pretty much spot on with symptoms. Only quit to get good jobs.

  15. What?! I was told over 40 of them had been destroyed already?!

  16. The word on the russia street its up to 2mill HIMARS a day the US will be bankrupt in a year.

  17. Chong’s parents owned a strip club named the No. 5 Orange, which is where they got their start, performing comedy in between dances. The club is still in business. Courtney Love was once a dancer there, too.

  18. Insta vaporization. Even the camera guy is getting to close. But I'm not an explosives expert.

  19. I'll have a burger with a side of F-35.

  20. Yes and they encountered some resistance along the way too

  21. Maybe the title emphasis is wrong, like the point they are trying to make is that most want to return, when refugees usually don't want to return.

  22. Ukrainians are an extremely proud people united not just by flag but by community.

  23. The military industrial complex circle of life.

  24. There is a bunch of hypersonic tests done by the US on YouTube, not too many Russian and Chinese ones other the the standard tube launch then info graphic.

  25. Bonus about our gold fish brains there's always something new.

  26. So russian doesn't have to claim those dead soldiers. Haha putins a great guy and fiscally responsible.

  27. I heard russia is way nicer this time of the year and your time shares are up.

  28. What the shit. Yes you right. But let move on the video where is this and why im seeing this a month late.

  29. Dad also knew how to control his speed on the way down. Mom just went full send and held the baby up at the last moment like an offering to a vengeful god.

  30. You want wild boars cause this how you get wild boars.

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