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  1. They banned Russian and Belorussian flags already. That’s really good

  2. I live in US and my fridge looks exactly like that 🤣

  3. Definitely no. I wouldn’t want my baby to be treated like that

  4. Gee the guy is totally a dilf, and i'm not even gay

  5. It doesn’t matter what criminal history the person has. Police is supposed to be trained on how to restrain people. No one deserves a death sentence by police.

  6. Police departments always lie to cover themselves up. Always. I have seen it many times.

  7. Are you Turkish troll or something. Armenian genocide was brutal. They still suffering today over territory dispute.

  8. Armenian genocide definitely happened. Go read the books and history

  9. They charged and fired these officers so fast. But charges against the cops who brutally beat up Kelly Thomas were dismissed. Same with Daniel Shaver and Tony Timpa. The system protects only certain cops.

  10. No disagreement but I think accountability is step 1 and in this case there appears to be accountability. Next step is police reform, which to your point might be the driving message behind the protests (if they happen).

  11. Didn’t the cops get fired and charged?

  12. Only these cops. Many cops who have murdered people never got charged.

  13. Botlicker. What does BLM or Russia has to do with this. I’m Ukrainian American. I don’t like injustice police corruption and brutality

  14. Only when the are high. This guy was on coke & manic & had a cardiac event.

  15. Why are you on every comment defending them? This is not about drugs. It’s about how they failed to provide help to him and laugh at him.

  16. This is about how cops handle it. He was mentally ill. They were laughing about him. They kneeled on him. Drugs don’t matter here. They literally failed to provide any help to him.

  17. You wanted this sub to be right wing defending racism and police. Not happening.

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