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  1. Dude.... Alec must be so fuckin creeped the fuck out by this.

  2. I have seen two furniture-based breakup meltdowns in the Burbank Ikea.

  3. I'm so priveledged to say that some of the worst points of my life was sitting in the 10 going to a job I dreaded, only to have to go back home on the 10 from a job I dreaded, with only enough time left in the day to eat, watch TV, and sleep. I sat in my car feeling completed disassociated from reality, totally resigned from the possibility that I have any control over my life. Anyways, $4 a pound.

  4. He owns MWH, they built whole neighborhoods out, like Olive Grove and Cambria Village, with cookie-cutter suburban houses. He's not a Caruso-sized developer, but he has a massive asset portfolio. right now he's turning more farms in Ventura into sprawl.

  5. They have turkeys in Japan? My friend moved to New Zealand and told me she misses turkey a whole bunch cuz there’s no turkeys there!

  6. No, they didn't have turkeys, like Whole American Turkeys in Japan, at least not when I was a kid in the 90s. For Thanksgiving, we could get like turkey breasts or legs, and they'd shred it into a make a kind of like turkey udon soup.

  7. I'm pretty sure that if I purchased my dream home with a partner I would not want people that act like either Alec or Hillary to comment. That isn't for them, it isn't for them to make it about themselves. It's for the new home owners and the parents that support them.

  8. If I make enough, I plan to build my own home... and the lots surrounding it for the simple fact that I hate having neighbors.

  9. I bought my own scooter. I’ve also seen SO MANY SCOOTERS used as deadweight to break car windows, run over, or just … clearly not right to ride.

  10. Cold. Cheap apartments. Why do I need to think about Chicago?

  11. Nope. I think… I think he’s doing okay as a dad, actually. Good job.

  12. He literally looks like he’s about to say the word fuck in this picture.

  13. Don't blame him, honestly. Even negligent murderers are gonna be stressed the fuck out with THAT MANY children under the age of 8 in a room. It's gonna take a lot out of anyone.

  14. And just no family? How is this a holiday? Because they’re allowed to have cheese?

  15. It makes sense that her fake titties would pump out a whole ass plastic bottle of milk.

  16. Celebrity astroturfing of social media is a crisis of our times!!!

  17. Hilary straight up lied saying that. I don’t think they knew.

  18. Her dad is an attorney and supposedly very successful, I am sure he knew what was happening.

  19. Ummm.... that fake ass "Baldween" story was made the fuck up. I don't think Hillz or Killz called Hillary's parents to let them know they would be making up a fake cringey anecdote on TV in an effort to continue the Spanish Grift.

  20. Near me a drunk rich lady drove home from a local bar with a hook-up following her, and decided to drag race him on our residential streets. She murdered two small children, didn’t even stop with a boy on her windshield for blocks. But she’s mega-rich (her Dr. husband founded a hospital wing) so the case has dragged on for over a year as she files ridiculous appeals etc. It’s so sad and scary.

  21. Ah, yes, the Rebecca Grossman of… GROSSMAN BURN CENTER, where Jay Leno was taken for burns.

  22. During COVID lockdown, my neighbor and her kid would get into these epic LOUD screaming matches regarding Eugenia's content. Like seriously... shit made the Nextdoor app top posts kind of loud.

  23. she's complaining about this article (and not for the first time) but I think she really just wanted to post that headline that has her name and "celebrity" so close together

  24. Because in addition to being a narcissist and fantasist…. She is also a dumb bitch.

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