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  1. I give her the BIGGEST CARTE BLANCHE to edit to her hearts content. Mainly because she is genuinely NOT trying at all to hide the editing, and ya know what… fine.

  2. I would love an actual Care Bear to break character and tell her SPECIFICALLY to fuck off....

  3. Okay so I went on your insta. What is the hate crime diet?

  4. Here's an explanation of how I got my bikini bod in time for summer. The Hate Crime Diet

  5. I enjoy the wackiness of the sub but this is way too far and should be removed. Inferring that Hilaria could murder Alec and/or her children is vile and way beyond the bounds of reasonable celebrity speculation. The mods need to remove this.

  6. Hilarrhea is a malignant narcissist. Look up what a “narcissistic extinction burst” is. This is a VERY REAL possibility for either Hillz or Killz… Alec, who, as we all know…has ALREADY shot someone.

  7. I swear to you, someone at City Hall needs to develop this app!! It would save LAPD so much money and time.

  8. I feel so seen.... I have a beautiful pair of Chie Mihara heels that are the ONLY shoes I can walk in FOR DAYS. Literally, the most comfortable beautiful heels I have EVER worn. Still GORGEOUS after 10 years. 3" heels!!

  9. And honestly, even if Violet is faking it, she's going the extra mile, and I respect that.

  10. Oh damn, Violet's flashing that institutional hospital upholstery action!! Shots fired!!

  11. This makes so much sense. I like the smell and shade and the life but it’s so much work.

  12. Smuggle home some koalas from the zoo. Add in a handful of insects and BOOM, You got an outback!!

  13. Our eucalyptus just dumps stuff most of the year. So much biomass. It’s either trim the tree or sweep it off the ground.

  14. The fun thing about eucalyptus in Australia is they have animals and bugs that eat and decompose a lot of the foliage. We... do not. We're basically growing our own fire and falling debris hazards every time one of these is planted in SoCal. A while back someone had posted a link to a tree proposed project/program that would remove and replace non-native trees, and I really hope that project got off the ground!

  15. but once you see the philtrum, you can never unsee it

  16. I want to ask what is philtrum, but in the spirit of OP, I’m going to put down all of my devices for an hour, go outside and smoke a joint.

  17. Yes!!! OMFG… I work in entertainment and my colleague and I were just talking about how EXACTLY THE SAME so many men and women have started to look. Too much filler, too soon in life. New noses everywhere. Fluffy high cheeks. Extensions. The same face tune and poses… it’s refreshing to see a beautifully imperfect nose and a couple crooked teeth.

  18. You forgot the story of Brentwood kids screaming the nword on carusos $100m yacht

  19. Who can forget such charming guests on his YACHT? Paid for by grifting the poor.

  20. When the Varsity Blues scandal at USC broke…. Guess who was on Rick Caruso’s YACHT?? OLIVIA JADE, the kid whose parents BRIBED USC TO GET INTO THE SCHOOL.

  21. Ah yes, using children as a means.... this has always been her M.O.

  22. I'm assuming their end game here is to make the cruel world full of idiots go back to being envious of their charmed life. Are they working with a PR team? If so, they should replace them.

  23. I think they're IGNORING whoever is advising them on PR. They might be excellent at their jobs, but who cares if your client isn't gonna listen to you?

  24. And now it's a creepy Scientology building in the middle of the hood. Very peculiar to me that a money-grubbing organization would find itself in a low income neighborhood far from all the celebrities.

  25. That is the M.O. of every religious organization in low income areas. Build church —> Swoop on Free Labor under the guise of [insert religion] —> profit. Since it’s volunteer work, if anyone gets injured or harmed, there are few if any repercussions. Repeat the cycle, then… profit.

  26. As a junk-food loving woman I was ready to throw hands! 😄

  27. Jesus says chest pain is his way of bringing you closer to Him.

  28. Jesus is calling you home by means of cheese and salty snacks.

  29. Its gonna be really hard to stick to their claim "only 500 casualties" with many MANY more coming back in bags...

  30. I think it's the only reason Ukraine is putting in such effort to repatriate bodies. Otherwise, It's so much easier and frees up manpower and resources to just dig a massive trench and dump the bodies in there for sunflower fuel.

  31. So … what you’re saying is that my sunflower seeds could have a faint taste of orc in the future?

  32. I just steamed some sweet potato and dipped it in miso. Best thing I've eaten in months. And so healthy it's comical.

  33. I made mashed potatoes with miso and olive oil. It was savory perfection! I'll try it with sweet potato, that sounds delicious, and super easy.

  34. that has always been theater kids regardless of generation.

  35. LOL, that's not a post partum belly, that's the moon bump she walked in with.

  36. On Violet? I don't think so... just because the baby is out... doesn't mean your stomach goes back to something perfectly flat overnight. If this was taken within hours of birth, her belly will still seem full.

  37. This pic is Hilary-esque. The perfect hair, the lace bra, no IV.

  38. Not at all! Observe how Violet is focusing her attention on HER NEWBORN, and her post-partum belly is still showing fullness.

  39. I love that she’s talking to herself with these accounts. Really ramping up the psychosis a couple notches

  40. She's trying to up her game in that department. This is more of a "maintaining narcissistic professional skills" thing for her.

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