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  1. Are they as slippery as the 6 series? I hate that, why design nice looking phones, colors and everything, if you simply can't hold them without a case.

  2. The 7 feels the same as the 6 to me for the material finish. I really wish they were matte, or had texture.

  3. I've played with most of their models, and the 14 Pro most recently. In my eyes, Apples phone's use the best hardware. They're a little heavy, but the 14 Pro is a good size in hand. I like the flat display, and sharp edges. I've always preferred Android for the OS customization, better notification management, and I like how Google filters spam callers. I much prefer Google's color software for photos. And I love Google apps, and feel they work better on Android vs Apple. If none of that matters to you, I would go Apple. I use Apple for everything except the iPhone.

  4. In terms of feel in hand, it's very similar to how the 6 and 6 pro felt in hand.

  5. I personally love droid life. They have great unboxings. They just don't post that often anymore.

  6. Pixel 6 owners should be getting a free upgrade to the 7 or refunded at this point. I love this phone for the most part, but it's ability to stay connected to an internet connection and make phone calls is absolutely dog shit.

  7. It doesn't matter. They bought a 5G phone, they should expect to be able to use 5G.

  8. I understand that but I'd like to know if their issues stem from being on 5G or not.

  9. I really like Pierce, but I think it might take a while to see him have solid WR2 value. So if you're in win now mode, I would take that.

  10. I'm actually thinking of going to the Pixel 7 from my 6 Pro for partially this reason. Haven't quite decided yet.

  11. Unless you care about having the telephoto lens, I would go for the regular 7.

  12. The hell do you have to wait so long for... Why would you make people wait 2 months to get the companion product to their band new phone

  13. Probably cuz you could just sell it really quick to the people who actually want the watch.

  14. Why would they care about that. The product would end up in someone's hands who wants it regardless.

  15. Because there are people who want to buy the watch right away and not willing to wait the 60 days for a free watch. If they offer a free watch being delivered next week with the phone, they would lose out on sales.

  16. The summary of tomorrow's event will definitely be "this could have been an email".

  17. Just tell your manager you're gonna be in another state for a week and if that's okay and assure it won't affect your hours or performance.

  18. This. Remember when we wished Joffrey was alive to deal with the high sparrow? Yea Tommen was good but also weak.

  19. Germany is getting it, my friend who works in retail just got handed the promotional paper today. 7 Pro with Pixel Watch LTE.

  20. The Pixel Watch is going to run on LTE by itself? Does that mean it will require a separate data plan like an ipad?

  21. Wow 212 grams for the 7 Pro. It got even heavier while being slightly smaller from last year.

  22. This is why you need to cancel pending trades while a game is going on. You never know what could happen mid game.

  23. Who hurt you? For someone who doesn't care about it you sure act like you do.

  24. Spray paint murals are a part of LA Culture. Vandalism is completely different.

  25. Aemond seems like the only one of any of the children with any shred of ambition and that just showed itself in this last episode.

  26. Because he was pushed around and people didn't really believe in him whereas they think fuckboy Aegon would make a good leader. Kids got a chip on his shoulder.

  27. Explain to them that by not having QA, you're using up the time of other employees for testing, that are also for sure going to miss something. This is going to cause bugs in production, leading to upset customers, leading to less money.

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