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  1. There a FB group for people to share their observations - it's quite an eye opener.

  2. People are too dumb and brain washed to look deeply into things. They just move to the next current thing, it’s climate change time then it’ll be something else

  3. Holy shit on a shit Batman there’s a lot of heckin toxicity to unpack here. Btw I just wanna tell y’all I stand with Ukraine and you have to get the booster cause it’s like a Mario power up. This gives off big incel energy. I’d love to list out all the reasons this guy is a fuck nugget but I have to watch the new episode of tick and morty with my wife, her boyfriend and our dogorino.

  4. Some evidence shows it’s harming the bee population though unfortunately

  5. That’s a really long winded way of saying you don’t get pussy

  6. Leftist supporting throwing people in gulags? Imagine my shock

  7. When toothless and spineless local councils allow developers to build their estates ensuring maximum possible profit from the space assigned.

  8. A ton of those main subs (worldnews, damn that’s interesting!, that’s insane, whatever etc etc) are pretty much just clearinghouses for CIA propaganda.

  9. The overwhelming public support for draconian lockdowns, vaccines with no long term safety data manufactured by corrupt pharmaceutical corporations that are protected from all legal liability under EUA, police states, unvaccinated being made into 2nd class citizens(banned from travel, shops, gym, etc)quarantine camps in Australia, censorship, suppression of effective medicine (ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies), mass firing of unvaccinated workers, vitriolic hate to anyone that dares question the science, destruction of small businesses, wartime measures act being used on protesters and subsequent freezing of their bank accounts, suppression of serious adverse effects caused by rushed vaccines, wide spread adoption of mask which are proven not to work, inflated covid deaths and infections, and the White House’s famous message of “unvaccinated will have a winter of death and illness”. I could really go on for days. Also now we have this weird new thing called SADS, which I never heard about until now. I wonder what’s causing all these young people that have no history of illness to suddenly die of heart attacks, it’s probably climate change.

  10. Great footage but can we remember that these are still human lives being lost here. Big ukraine supporter but it doesnt feel right to have cartoonish music playing over an ambush. Warfare should be depicted as it actually is, awful and brutal with nothing but human suffering remaining the constant.

  11. A lot of redditors are especially sheltered and soft people that have zero experience with violence outside of a schoolyard bully so it’s hard for them to actually put themselves in the shoes of soldiers dying horribly. The slaughter of human lives is just good entertainment for a comfortable smug redditor curled up into a blanket. To a redditor, it’s all just an avengers movie.

  12. The pharmaceutical industry seems like people we should trust and give zero liability for side effects

  13. Voting dem is a great strategy if you want to buy up low priced stocks and wait to sell when a republican fixes the market lmao

  14. What reason you think Russia is gaining advantage of blowing their own pipeline? I'm curious.

  15. The nice anonymous users on the internet told me so. Surely there are no intelligence agencies with hundreds or thousands of accounts specifically meant to comment that something certainly was one way and not the other. These are all definitely real people with real opinions.

  16. People like you make me feel impressively stupid

  17. Aw don't say that, we all gotta start somewhere. Also, myself from a year ago would probably feel like you seeing my screenshot, so really it all just takes some time to learn.

  18. Thanks I appreciate the words of encouragement. Btw what degree are you studying for?

  19. Damn if only Germany didn’t shut down its nuclear power plants in favor of “muh green energy”. French nuclear chads have been have been getting 70% of their power from nuclear and pay 79% less for electricity than Germany. Let this be a lesson to western nations, go nuclear or go broke.

  20. A lot of the “Green” parties were bankrolled by Russian groups to push away from nuclear.

  21. Roads are paid for by excise tax. Can all other tax be abolished?

  22. Lol sure thing rtard. Don't bother calling the police when your mum gets raped.

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