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  1. I agree. There was just so much messy drama every episode, and every episode also seemed to revolve around the same issues. We never rly progressed to anything new

  2. I wish there was more of a “story line” to follow, not just fighting!

  3. It is WILD that they GUARANTEE such a large profit to shareholders. This is our money; just disgusting the government (and we) allow this.

  4. As this is a subreddit for Canada, I presume that the OP is posting this about Canada specifically to be on topic. As well, the Globe and Mail is a Canadian paper, hence the relevant context of them saying “Canada.” I hope no one chooses to start a false argument over “why only Canada” as that is not the commentary at hand here!

  5. A person I know tweeted that they think they know who it is but can't say "because if they did they would be sued or murdered".

  6. I accidentally turned it on too and feel bad! I want to undue but can’t! Oops.

  7. Her preference is obviously to have leg hair! If you can’t deal, date someone else.

  8. Your mother and sister sound unhinged, jealous, and mean. They are TA and you are NTA! How awful that you have been made to feel less than/put yourself in discomfort/made to hide your true self! Be you!

  9. You don’t have to stop them from peeing. Let your dog pee in your yard before you get going on the walk. This is a skill that can be trained, as long as you’re consistent with the command. Start by using the same word/command every time your dog pees, then praise generously. Before you know it, dog will pee on command, which is especially helpful if you’re preparing to go somewhere in the car. As for the poo, that can happen along the walk when nature calls, and you can pick it up. When given a choice, I usually try to steer my dog to an area that’s less obtrusive than next to my neighbor kid’s tricycle.

  10. What if you don’t have a yard? Many folks have dogs who live in apartments, or in a community with no yards! What do you do then?

  11. My Dad died last summer and we spent a lot of time with “his body” while waiting for the funeral home. Feeling some feels. Especially as he had a brain tumour. Damn.

  12. Weight isn’t something that “is actually a parameter that everybody has the capacity to control and change” - there are thousands of genes and hormones at play in what someone weighs and we need to stop putting so much value on what the scale says! Yikes!

  13. Yikes! YTA! Have some compassion, learn about ableism and stop being a monster 👹

  14. YTA! Two wrongs don’t make a right; you’re now being the “toddler” in the eyes of many of your fellow passengers!

  15. He refuses to pay a living wage, and is complaining to media that “no one wants to work” 🤡

  16. Kris and Kylie. Kourtney has the worse photo, out of every photo they really chose that ? Wtf

  17. Clearly no employees or restaurant staff interviewed, just entitled owners! Maybe try paying a living wage, offering PTO, health benefits, etc. If your business can’t afford to compensate, that’s on you, not because “no one wants to work.”

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