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  1. They send a weekly email . Thats it. Its called weekly pay report.

  2. As long as it has your name on it, it should qualify as proof of income. Most people who are gig workers will say "proof of employment" but they really just mean proof of income.

  3. I’m currently preparing to sue th shit out of Grubhub in Federal Court. We’ll see how fucking cute they their new rating system is when I have their ass begging to SETTLE. In the meantime this UBER money is great !

  4. What city are you in? It's the exact opposite for me. Uber pay here in Houston is beyond garbage, frequently you end up working for less than minimum wage. For Grubhub though, I average almost double what I make with Uber.

  5. This is way off topic, but if you click there's a problem --> foods not ready, and running late --> text customer.. basically follow the rules and you won't get violations

  6. That's not necessarily foolproof though. I always click there's a problem and let them know if the food is going to be a while and I always text the customer. I still got hit with late deliveries violation for things I couldn't control: restaurants taking their time and traffic.

  7. “People have different preferences than I do, they must be mentally ill”

  8. Charge... His original Game Boy? You mean the one that runs on batteries? Yeah, totally, OP needs to "charge" his original Game Boy.

  9. The great houses are the second best questlines after the main quest. I love building the stronghold so much

  10. Back in the days when the main quest was juicy and full of intrigue and ACTUALLY FUN TO PLAY. Not boring and predictable like Skyrim's main quest. Skyrim is fun to play, but Morrowind is an experience. Especially if reading is your forte. Best story ever put in a video game, except maybe Knights of the Old Republic 2. (And I'm only talking about story with KotOR, don't crucify me)

  11. That's unfortunate. That would mean that the initial playthrough, which is what most of people's time will be spent on will be unchanged overall, despite the player having acces to a wider variety of pokemon Even something like making their ace a Johto Mon or switching some pokemon around would make some of the early gym leaders a lot more interesting.

  12. I can't think of a single reason why Jasmine wouldn't have had a Skarmory and a Steelix. That would have been the perfect introduction to the steel type.

  13. Gen 2 introduced 3 brand new Steel types: Steelix, Skarmory, and Scizor. Instead her team just has 2 Magnemites and arguably the weakest of the 3. This is part of why as much as I love HGSS, I don't think they are the perfect Pokemon games that some fans think they are.

  14. Totally agree, they're not perfect, they just knew how to manipulate our nostalgia for Gen 1 in just the right ways (as far as HGSS go, that's kind of like nostalgia of nostalgia, but still powerful).

  15. I hate to be that guy, but shouldn’t the avocami be avacameh because it would be a minor third

  16. Nope, C natural to E natural is a major third. There are no accidentals to change that. I don't know what the transposition for French Horn to Concert C is, but maybe that's where you're confused?

  17. Ti is what Americans use thanks to the Sound of Music. Apparently the rest of the world uses Si, which is confusing for me because if you use Ti, then all the solfege syllables start with a different letter: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti

  18. You don't need one in the US either.

  19. KuCoin isn't allowing US residents to transfer their DFI into KuCoin anymore, and they claim it is by Cake's request. Cake is doing their best to keep certain people from cashing out their crypto.

  20. Bumping this thread, I have a decent PC and NCAA 12 is crashing often enough to be a problem. Help?

  21. At first thought, I agreed. But the closest targets are shearn and galleria and then population is exploding with family.

  22. There's a Target at 290 about 8-10 minutes from this exact Sears location. They're not opening another Target there.

  23. Dark Brotherhood. This isn't even a discussion, wtf you guys

  24. As good as the story was, I tend not to like guilds where you slaughter your guild mates to make some bitchy Night Mother happy. Oh wait, it was just Lucien, trying to own everything and everyone.

  25. you can stake solana in atomic wallet or in binance for 7%/10% respectively. Portfolio diversification among different platforms is essential

  26. As a Texan, I'm so tired of seeing the word "Binance" since our leaders are too stupid to allow them in.

  27. I've seen on here as I'm sure you have as well that the tier 2 doesn't get portal reverts correct during the first day of a revert. So tomorrow I guess I'll know...

  28. Well, it'd be nice if you comment back when you have more info. I'll do the same. I'm confused and frustrated like tons of other people right now. I already reached out to my congressman because of issues with my first draw PPP and now this with the increase. It almost feels like my business is getting singled out since both things happened so close to each other.

  29. I was denied this morning. Recon should be easy, SBA withdrew application. Submitting to recon tomorrow.

  30. I got the email with the decline letter yesterday morning. I was already expecting a call from an LO on Monday or Tuesday but I went ahead and sent in the email to start the recon process, also asking for an LO to call to discuss. They said "unverifiable information." Apparently my 2019 return doesn't match what I've claimed. Well, of course it doesn't. I had to amend it somewhat recently and we know paper amendments are sitting in a pile somewhere. I paid my tax debt online, so I'm hoping that an LO will listen to reason, especially since the first one who handled my Targeted Advances totally understood and approved me.

  31. Mine reverted today too. I made a post about it myself, but then I saw this one. What do I do??

  32. I'm a reddit noob so I'm not sure how to send you a dm. I need help with PPP. My wife and I have the same job and tax situation, yet Leader Bank approved her and declined me due to "ineligibility" which makes no sense.

  33. You're right, but any Nexo tokens being held somewhere other than in a Nexo wallet (not sure why, but some people do it) are ineligible to be part of the vote. I'm hoping they at least move their tokens temporarily to be part of the vote.

  34. You're saying that hundreds of millions of people who can't fully participate should just be told "deal with it." I trust that Nexonomics works. The Nexo token is NOT a stablecoin, it isn't meant to hold its value; the token is meant to become more and more valuable over time. That means that even if interest rates go down, the demand that will be created from this new market will more than make up for it. There's a limited supply of Nexo tokens, so at some point the scarcity will drive the price really high. Imagine getting just 6% APY, but your tokens are now worth $500USD each, so your 1000 tokens will earn $30,000USD per year. This is enough passive income to never have to worry again. And as the value continues to climb, so does your endless passive income.

  35. So 91% in that direction already, ya? My best vote is not to vote then.

  36. Most Americans can't just up and become citizens of other countries, and clearly voting does nothing here, so thanks for taking my only avenue towards growing serious wealth in the long run. Can you give me a good reason why daily interest would be detrimental to your financial plan?

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