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Not so silent but deadly

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Over the 24 hours since the Uvalde massacre, Fox News has proposed at least 50 "solutions" and none of them are gun control.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. I mean it depends on how much paper you're using per wipe. And if you fold between wipes. I wipe a lot but use 1 square per wipe and fold it once

  2. Music inbetween goals is so farked.

  3. Idk about other clubs but at least for Port we just have a thunder sound that lasts a few seconds and thats it

  4. America sport at least gives incentives during timeouts because there’s soo many.

  5. I don't think we have cheerleaders anymore. A few SANFL clubs might for finals but that's it. It's probably sexist somehow, so they banned it

  6. Your point? You can control guns a hell of a lot easier than people and if you can't see that then you're dumber than a rock

  7. yes, but a gun in itself cant kill, i understand its easy to control but again if you dont pull the trigger tf it gonna do

  8. Well people are gonna want to pull triggers. So don't give them a fucking trigger to pull..

  9. You uh... You can have both prevention and active means for defense should prevention fail.. Like you can have both things..

  10. And yet all the solutions America proposes are reactive instead of proactive. Prevention is clearly not their top priority

  11. Our elections are also blatantly rigged and most of us feel like even if we did vote it wouldn't be counted or would literally go to the opposite faction we voted for

  12. Could always go extreme retro and do command line story games with ascci art

  13. Sure if you want to do it for fun. Good luck making a living lol

  14. I just skipped the whole thing and read till the end. Because nobody is brain damaged enough to like that Paramount shite

  15. Archie Perkins wouldn't go to any state but Victoria. Imagine getting drafted lol

  16. So you don’t have to drive to vic... but now you know it exists in SA you’re still pissed coz it’s not at your local yet? You sound like you wouldn’t use it anyway

  17. So if I said Queensland first and you said it's in Victoria, it's suddenly reasonable because it's closer than before?? I would use it but I'm not doing a 3-4hr shopping trip

  18. Nothing ridiculous about Jawad, Pod Racing or a diner. Ewoks aren't ridiculous, just them beating the stormtroopers and I don't really get the hate for Jar Jar. He's a bit of an idiot but that's it. You need a class clown, just not a class of clowns like Disney

  19. Their name is darthorn and they have a hawthorn guernsey on their avatar...

  20. Who has ... either no umpiring experience or Jack shit umpiring experience...another great move by the AFL. Further showing how fucking clueless they are. Complete Muppets and I can't wait for Gill the GTFO

  21. Not really the same thing. I doubt that's where they got the idea

  22. It has to be animated. I don't think Netflix has the money to make an live action Horizon series.

  23. To be fair, considering the recent controversy involving Ezra Miller, I wouldn’t be surprised if WB scrapped the theatrical release and decided to send it to HBOMax instead.

  24. What the public domain does to a mf

  25. Which is why I hate it. Don't understand this subs hate boner for copyright. Sure, some laws get a bit abused, mainly free use, but copyright itself doesn't suck

  26. What does Mickey’s cock taste like?

  27. I would actually say they are more anticonsumer now than they were in the PS3 era

  28. I can't recall a single pro consumer thing they've done on their own (no public pressure or Xbox moving first)

  29. Remember when Ken Kutaragi defended the high PS3 price ahead of its launch, saying they want customers to think to themselves ” will work more hours to buy one” ? That was weird.

  30. People seem to use the term "gaslighting" very liberally these days. Fooling someone or catfishing isn't really a form of gaslighting. Gaslighting refers to a long term, intentional goal of tricking/fucking with someone with the specific aim being to drive them crazy.

  31. It doesn't deserve anything lol. It was a dumpster fire. The next comparable thing to how bad this was, is the tv show

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