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  1. i know odie and nermal, who's the last cat? and who's the woman

  2. does she want to roll around with the cats or watch the cats roll around

  3. Mid-late 2021 because of the Hella Mega Tour (Weezer became my favorite band earlier that year). Started with Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod and FOAMF but didn't really get into the band until FOAMF.

  4. wow, you're a rare new fan. insomniac is my favorite but i see FOA as "imagine dragons but good"

  5. (Oh) Yeah, there aren't many new fans. Most are from 2005 or earlier. Sadly that majority tends to dislike the post-AI albums.

  6. ah, well i guess what i mean to say is that FOA reminds me of imagine dragons, but that i actually like it. and i don't have a problem with ID, but when you enjoy the weird al parody more, that's telling. give Inactive a try, might give you a chuckle

  7. if it was actually cum, would it still be blursed?

  8. my family uses gray ham as a joke lol. Gray-am, to me, is the correct use of the name, but but I will always refer to myself as “Gram”. Hearing my name with Gray-ham would be jarring

  9. i wouldn't say gray-ham or gray-am but i would say gra-am

  10. we'll have to come together to code it ourselves. vine 2 would be a really good invention so i doubt it would be created by a big corporation

  11. If it can evolve and keep young people interested like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram have then yes. If not then it will have a similar fate to Vine and MySpace.

  12. it's ironic how everyone loves bo burnham singing about killing yourself but when someone jokes about it at a death metal show, it's terrible

  13. this is an old thread but i'm im the same boat. doesn't the app hold information from when you connected it last?

  14. would've been better if it fell in the trash

  15. Noooo, licking the lid is the best part!

  16. i would prefer if all yogurt came like in the pic so i could just rip it off and toss it

  17. yeah no the whole record was really good, but very experimental and i'm looking for more tracks like obey and dear diary

  18. ok cuz spread and recoil are completely different

  19. Born In The Wrong Generation! Bro was born in 2046, NOT 1999.

  20. i put a little work into ChatGPT, here's the result

  21. Nihilists when they realise saying "life has no meaning" is literally applying life a meaning

  22. capitalists when i tell them capital is technically not private property

  23. I mean there isn’t gonna be an argument about screamo vs hardcore. Screamo is a sub genre of hardcore just like beatdown is.

  24. Thall and deathcore kinda go hand in hand I feel like

  25. redditors sure have a lot of time on their hands

  26. “You also took the fine jewelry I gave you, the jewelry made of my gold and silver, and you made for yourself male idols and engaged in prostitution with them.” (Ezekiel 16:17)

  27. i always was peeved at bible verses, they're written so weirdly. like death metal lyrics. they're written as if they're from the perspective of a narrator but that perspective is being understood by the writer

  28. are people actually willing to pay that much for a new far cry game? i'm doing something horribly wrong

  29. i'm betting she'll come back to him even though he doesn't want her

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