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  1. Succulents. I have some on my sill and those babies seem to thrive with next to no help from me.

  2. I loved this, such a great write-up! Those tweed hoodies are amazing.

  3. I know that these lists can't ever satisfy everybody, and that's not my point anyway.

  4. Agreed, I thought it was dreadful. Probably the worst performance of Tom Hanks’ career, too.

  5. Upvoting because I’m about to install a dishwasher in a kitchen where there previously wasn’t one, and had the same thought about using a butcher’s block instead of trying to match the bench.

  6. Just make sure to put heat insulation between the dishwasher and the counter.

  7. Basically, a bunch of ultra-rich assholes get together to pretend to solve the world’s problems, when they are in fact the problem. Instead of seeing it for the neo-liberal circle jerk that it is, these folks believe it’s a grand conspiracy of “globalists” with nefarious plans for world domination.

  8. I love it, so long as the darts in the front can be fixed. You could always add a sparkly belt for bling.

  9. OMG, yes. I am finding my students particularly needy/helpless these days. Lots of emails asking me to check all of their assignments ahead of time, constant reassurance that they are doing what needs to be done (even after I’ve already confirmed this), and a lot of meetings where they bring nothing specific to work on/get help with, just “I don’t understand” or “I have no ideas” or “help.” I’m worried because it’s really wearing at my patience, and I’m finding myself getting short with them in ways I never have before. I need ways to respond that aren’t just me getting frustrated by them.

  10. This sucks. I hope you recover as quickly as possible. What precautions have you been taking? It seems a bit random to me - some Lionel can be exposed and not get it repeatedly (or maybe have asymptomatic cases), while others get reinfected repeatedly. Do you wear a mask in public indoor spaces?

  11. So far as I know, I haven’t. I wear an N95 in all public places - I even wore it at home when visiting my family for Christmas, though I did take it off to eat. I don’t eat out, and I socialize a lot outside - going for walks and hikes, which I can still do when it’s cold, and picnics in the summer. Have a few friends who do the same, so will have them over for dinner and board games. Still go out to movies and other events - I just wear a mask. And I don’t have kids.

  12. Nope, I hate it. If I’m with a woman, I am either “just experimenting” or was fooling myself about being bi. If I’m with a man, I’m obviously straight and was lying about being bi. We can only be Schrödinger’s bisexual.

  13. Yours is the top comment so I'll reply to it instead of replying to everyone individually. Thanks for all the great replies. So the consensus is by far that I need to get my own place first before I even consider dating. So I will work on that.

  14. To me, it shows that you are in an emergency situation (currently unhoused ) and that you are not prioritizing properly. Get your living situation sorted before trying to build a life with someone. You don’t have to own a house or even have your own place, but you need to have some stability in your living arrangements.

  15. Meg Ryan in Restoration. Such a great film and she really throws me out of it.

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