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  1. After trying to do 2 Sunset Music Festivals in Tampa that were both rained out I swore off Florida festivals in May. That was 7 years ago, why tf are promoters still trying this? They may as well make them indoor events.

  2. I remember at launch people complained that while the character creator is very intricate, the whole game is first person so you never see yourself. Is that still true or can you play in 3rd person?

  3. First person only. but there is a photo mode that uses your character model, was surprised OP didnt do that

  4. honestly i think it's just the fact that it breaks up the relative monotony of his usual discography. A lot of his stuff is samey sounding trap so anything else is a breath of fresh air

  5. Fresh Air from HNDRXX is one of the best Future tracks lol

  6. lol in the health/nutrinion scene OMAD means One meal a day and NOMAD is often jokingly reffered to as No meal a day XD

  7. It sure beats "De Aura the Explorer" lmfaooo but thats actually really funny cause I eat maybe once a day

  8. My friend told me about this the other night and i downloaded it again lol the core shooting is fun so this is nice.

  9. You cannot slap a *presenter at the Oscar’s…hello

  10. I ended up always preferring to close it and launch it cold from the dashboard, the load times are only so much longer than switching over during quick resume. Outside of that I thought RT mode handled itself pretty well

  11. Fellow festival vet here, did Okeechobee 2018 with no camping gear. We did pretty well (at not sleeping lol) to where we didn't think we needed it but by Sunday me and my girl at the time were exhausted and took a "break" in my car with the AC. 4 hours we woke up in a panic (it was around 2pm) because leaving your car on with the windows up is a massive no-no. We only considered camping gear after

  12. "how could you play any video game without playing Mario Galaxy??" -VideoGameDunkey

  13. Miami Music Week and Ultra are gonna be quick to nope out of this one.

  14. I remember hearing about a patch a week ago that claimed to fix framerate issues. Does there now exist a graphics mode that gives you 60fps at least semi consistently? I don't mind the occasional drops but I don't think I could tolerate playing a game like this at 30fps. I don't even care about resolution, just framerate.

  15. I have a VRR monitor and a 4K 75 Inch QLED and I can tell you right away the VRR fixed most of the frame rate drops, especially in the little forest area at the start (crumbles in performance mode) The QLED shows how pretty it is in HDR but the feel of responsiveness isn't the same.

  16. As someone who has beat this game, you could play this for like 5-10 hours this weekend and more or less experience everything this game has to offer without having to pay for it

  17. Looks incredible, but by the time I finished half of the first (of three) people you have to meet and start liberating (aka side missions) I was already tuned out. I can tell they did alot more for the story and your character but Ubisoft games get overwhelming too early lol the sense of exploration is gone when you get to a region and there's already a dozen markers of places to go to.

  18. S1 is neon/bright nightlife colorways, emphasizing how the first season was more about the 'high' all the characters were in their respective storylines. S2 is much more muted/drab colors showing what life is like after the highs wore off for each character (since all of them pretty much crashed and burned over the season, this is a nice contrast to S1)

  19. How the heck are Gorillaz not top billed? Nothing against the Monkeys and Calvin, both stellar, but I’d think Gorillaz are certainly the biggest name on here? Or perhaps I’m inflating that in my own mind since I liked Song Machine way more than a lot of people did.

  20. Gorillaz are gonna be the main headliner one night, as well as Calvin Harris and Arctic Monkeys (all those artists would fit the mainstage, even if there's a separate EDM tent for the others.)

  21. I’ve recently left social media completely and the frequency/amount/irrelevance of ads was not a small part of my decision. It got to the point that literally every 5th tweet wasn’t a tweet, it was an ad. Every 7th or 8th Instagram post wasn’t a post, it was an ad. I blocked, reported, gave “this is not relevant/do not show me this ad” feedback on every single ad where those things are possible for years and instead of getting less/less frequent ads, they just became less relevant. The one that pushed me over the edge was something along the lines of a “support your local jeweler” ad for a small town jewelry store in Northern Ohio. I live in the southern US.

  22. "Every 7th or 8th Instagram post wasn’t a post, it was an ad."

  23. Amazing how in 3 years the internet can change the tune of the OG Sonic movie with the original CGI was out of touch with the audience, to them remaking the first game I ever played as a movie poster. Kudos to everyone.

  24. Euphoria is gonna be different to everyone based off their teen years/ their highschool. My HS went from having lockdowns and SWAT teams to no dress codes and restaurant style cafeterias. My Junior/Senior years was practically all Project X parties and EDM shows and everyone was either supplying the alcohol or other party favors. It's almost like I could relate to Lexi as i was more introverted and seeing everything transpire from the outside but eventually one of my relationships put me smack dab in the middle of the scene. I think Euphoria being a TV series can embellish a bit on the production side because for some of us wearing rose-tinted glasses, that's actually how we viewed High School back then, but as season 2 went to show, taking the glasses off showed how ugly and toxic our reality was, and that I definitely resonated with. It's gonna be different for everybody.

  25. Tbh, I went from Cyberpunk (pre 1.5 patch) to the Mass Effect Trilogy and was absolutely blown away with the story/characters and choices you make in game. And instead of beating one game, you play through one story across 3 games. Definitely my time-sink last year if you liked Cyberpunk enough

  26. Guardians was my personal GOTY last year, one of Game Pass's best additions in recent memory.

  27. You’re out here saying fuck Pete Davidson without even knowing the dude?

  28. You weren't at the show where everyone was yelling Pete Davidson fuck ya life for 2 hours waiting on Kanye lol how about not getting so worked up on the internet forums yeah?

  29. Ain’t no one worked up here except you. I could care less about either Kanye or Pete.

  30. I've never seen someone so miserable on this sub lol aight fam keep on knocking other people that had a good night no one gonna stoop to your level lol

  31. Networking has changed my experience tenfold. I got a residency just because the place wanted to start music on Fridays smackdown in the middle of DT. While it's always a good night, new opportunities didn't arrive since most promoters don't actively go there, and I never went where the promoters are. I started going to the other bars and clubs on the strip more often back in November to support my fellow artists and just by showing up and they get so happy about it and offer me to play at a future date. Now this year alone I've played twice at my residency but have been booked for multiple shows and two festivals in my city and all the way down to Miami. Having mixes and guest mixes on Soundcloud has also helped those not as familiar with my style of mixing (house/bass/everything in between for EDM) know where I can fit in.

  32. After reading the comments, the kava bars all have similar candies and I always wondered why. The mini sugar rush upon eating 10 candies after a few teas that dries your mouth up...never thought about it.

  33. Agreed. The campaign in 2 was amazing, but the MP in the first game was Soooooo much more fun. I kinda wish they would've just plugged it into the second game and gave us more maps.

  34. I don't think Titanfall will ever become F2P when Apex is sharing the same universe and is still mighty healthy in player count.

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