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  1. I love my unnecessarily loud girl! Keep screaming bestie!

  2. Thats an extra 1d6 necrotic damage per hit! So like….. half a rattata.

  3. Why? Why talk like this? I just don’t understand! These aren’t even arguments anymore! They’re catchphrases! Over and over and over again in this sub. But we can’t live off catchphrases alone!

  4. I really truly hope so. I’m afraid that this might be real though. And what would that mean for us? That some people just spout out catchphrases when they feel opposition? What do we even do then?

  5. Well I mean…. typing “lol” or something every time I laugh is kind of a waste of time, yeah?

  6. It’s so strange seeing someone the same age as me act like such a boomer. Have you considered chilling out and letting people be themselves?

  7. Says the npc normie that literally has zero thoughts left. Even your comments appear to be as a chat bots.. because you run on the same programing as the masses while a lot of other people here can think in all kinds of ways good and bad. It is your type i feel most pity for in places like this. Sending you some positive energy my dude.

  8. Can you imagine talking like this in real life? It’s kind of embarrassing.

  9. “Oi, fellas! Looks like we got a guy who doesn’t understand how historical oppression has been built into the bedrock of our society!”

  10. Demons, viruses, what's the difference?

  11. It fills your lungs and fuels your blood. It can tear up trees and even poison you. What I’m saying is that concluding that “I’ve never seen a virus, therefore they are fake and also demons” is ridiculous.

  12. Now I’m not one to claim bot, because there’s all kinds of crazy people out there…. but this palatable HAS to be some kind of bot, right? I can’t imagine a human person just doing… this all day, every day!

  13. People keep spouting that phrase. Do you even know where it comes from?

  14. Those are excuses. We have months in between elections which gives everybody plenty of time to have their ducks in a row. We already have absentee ballot for seniors and other exceptions but to avoid a lot of confusion everybody else should show up in person with a picture ID in hand to vote. There are plenty of places in life that we are expected to be rain, sleet or snow and voting for our elections should be one of those places.

  15. As a democracy, shouldn’t we make voting as easy as possible? Get as much of the people’s say in elections? This is rhetorical, I believe it should be as easy as breathing.

  16. Are you being serious? You didn't know about "gender surgery" where healthy 14 year old girls are having breasts removed? Healthy young men are being given female hormones essentially castrating them for life?

  17. look they/them, i know youre weak and out of shape from a soylent and estrogen diet, but when people spend weeks/months doing the same thing in a hot climate, they acclimate to it and it stops wearing them out.

  18. Saturn worship. They worship saturn. A higher dimensional consciousness controls the elite with a hive mind. The elite want this for us also.

  19. What does Saturn have to do with housing? Stop being coy.

  20. The best way to cure ignorance is research and questioning. So I though the best way to cure my own ignorance was to ask. I don’t mean to disrespect, but you seem to be purposely avoided a concrete answer.

  21. It's a style? Back in my day that was just called the damn internet. Kids these days....

  22. I know exactly how it works. Pissed off citizens descended on DC and got themselves labeled and persecuted a couple years ago.

  23. It really suck no one in this sun really truly believes in anything. You don’t actually care about the environment, just your imaginary point scoring against an imaginary opponent.

  24. This sub is incapable of realizing multiple things can happen at once and they’re not all related

  25. Cue “It’s all a distraction from (insert favorite conspiracy theory)”

  26. Dude, you’ve gotta get off this subreddit. Maybe social media in general. The internet has a special talent for maximizing anxiety.

  27. He’s back boys! Palatable’s alts are as numerous as the stars.

  28. I don't think you'd ever get an ape in his entire life to type out one paragraph of Shakespeare, let alone a page or play. The odds are too great to be realistic.

  29. But it’s not 1 ape. It’s an uncountable mountain of apes given an impossibly long time. It’s a thought experiment to demonstrate how random chance can be recognized as patterns by our brains.

  30. There's an account that recently became active and has posted a couple things along the same lines as platable and okmagician. Started with an S, but can't remember what it is off the top of my head.

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