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  1. Wow. I am disabled and physically unable to work. I am largely bedridden. And yet even I only receive £590 in UC. Even with my other benefits my income in less than £1k a month, only just enough to afford necessities, for now. How the ruck has this woman got this much?

  2. You're a single person who, albeit, is disabled and even then, I'd probably advise you to have a look at your entitlement as I get around £600+ in the same position. The woman in question is a mother of three children - she's probably given about £400 for herself and the rest would be for her children.

  3. Plenty of my aunts and uncles are married to their cousins.

  4. My view is that too many Somalis do not understand how the child protection system works and think big decisions - like removal of a child- are made lightly without evidence. Here we have clear evidence that the child is experiencing harm. Why on earth would you not want CPS to intervene? Social workers look at the friends and family network first. If they can’t find anyone, it is possible the children will go into foster care. They will try to find a foster carer who matches the child’s background - religion, race, ethnicity etc. - however this is not always possible. Why should the children not be placed with gaalo foster carers who will keep them safe and take on the parenting role temporarily/permanently??? The mind boggles.

  5. To be honest, you can’t be in uproar about a Muslim child placed in a non-Muslim household when you wouldn’t sign yourself up as a foster carer!

  6. Have they explained why they aren’t giving you reasonable adjustments? Are you attached to a hospital or a particular university?

  7. I'm in the same boat but I've quickly realised that not everything will be completed now, you'll have full access by the time you start. I did get my lanyard and school email but no full access to the computers/internal systems.

  8. I start my SCITT on Monday at the INSET day of my first placement school. I’m ruminating way too much on stuff and getting myself very nervous before I start. A couple of random questions…

  9. Had my inset day as a SD student today, everyone was very casual - t-shirts, jumpers, denim shorts, bardot dresses etc. Formal dress will be when the students come in!

  10. I can also relate! So excited yet nervous since everyone is saying it’ll be intense

  11. Had a peek at my training school's inset calendar and it's basically

  12. Is it still about polygamy ? For Allah's sake this sub is filled with unmarried people who can't even find one decent person to marry. yet most are asking about polygamy! Make it make sense 🤦‍♀️

  13. What's the difference? Format I'm guessing?

  14. Yes, the Bachelor is all about one guy choosing a woman out of a bunch. Love Island is about multiple people choosing a partner out of a group they are all in. For it to be a Somali Love Island, there needs more Somalis guys for the ladies to choose from!

  15. I don’t really talk about politics with my parents, they were still quite young in the ‘77 war. However, I know my uncles fought in the army, and one lost part of his finger.

  16. It doesn't feel great, does it? He just probably wasn't serious or didn't feel the same, I'm sorry sister - just continue looking and you'll find the one inshaAllah

  17. Nothing is wrong, it’s just different and often quite simplified. It’s teased in the same way Arab speakers compare Lebanese accents to the ‘Valley Girl’ accents

  18. Doesn’t really suit the name “Einstein” that’s why😭

  19. My parents think I could be a good match for a their friends daughter in US. I was brought up in Gulf and she was pretty much brought up in the States/Canada, could this be an issue? Another thing is she is in medicine and I’m just an engineer (planning for PG next year). Been working as a SDE for almost 2 years. I’m not sure if we could be a match but yes it’s very early to say

  20. You will get confused when learning both Norwegian and Swedish on duolingo as it sounds similar but the writing is different.

  21. Swedish and Norwegian do not sound similar. I can immediately hear the difference. For example, watch the film “Force Majeure”, you can hear the main female character is Norwegian right away. Norwegians tend to raise the ends of words in a way Swedes don’t, and the vocabulary is quite different. Even if you don’t know, when you hear “jeg” vs “jag” or words like “spiser” and “trenger”, “her” vs “här”, it is easy to spot. If you listen to Norwegian dialects outside of the Oslo area, they are very different, and by the time you get to Bergen/Stavanger they sound like a different language (closer to Nynorsk).

  22. The two languages do sound similar from the point of a new learner. I can tell the difference now and sure, I could put on a Norwegian accent and speak what I think is Norwegian. However, that doesn't necessarily mean a new learner of Swedish will be able to just get the differences.

  23. I mean your wife can work, it's a question of does she want to?

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