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  1. unironically the best thing on youtube. the journey she went on. she didn't even know.

  2. Her Accelerate reaction is also so hilarious 😭💀

  3. I really don’t mean this to come across as rude, but I’m astounded people are still listening to Solar Power

  4. I read plenty but never had an interest in King because I just wrote him off as a horror writer. Hearing about his ability to channel salt of the earth people has me intrigued. Do you have any recommendations for first-time King readers?

  5. Yup, the best thing about his books is his character writing. His content can be hit or miss since he writes so many books, but his character writing is always exquisite. It elevates the story a lot

  6. But it wasn’t Ru tho, it was Detox. Ru wasn’t even that responsible for her bottom placement, everyone else who didn’t win the challenge were on the bottom by default

  7. That it's just fine(?). I have never experienced any positive or negative extremes, and I mostly just regret trying to relate to people on SDN or sometimes even on this subreddit. I'm entering M3 and the past two years have just been fine. It's difficult at times, it's easy at times, it's busy at times, it's nice at times. I'm just going thru it having a good time and sometimes stressing over grades or whatever, you know, just the usual stuff. I don't really have any strong opinions tbh

  8. I was worried my faculty sucked or I wasn’t learning enough because it’s not as destructive and horribly tragic like many say. Yes it’s pretty stressful, demanding, and exhausting for sure. But it’s really not the end of the world, I have time to go out sometimes, do some recreational stuff, I have free time sometimes. Like I really expected to never have any time ever again and say goodbye to my social life

  9. Let’s not be delusional. Trinity was insanely hysterical, Satan will go down in snatch game history. One of the best performances ever on the show

  10. I’m 20 and have seen all the seasons before you ask me 😐 I personally laughed a lot at it and how ridiculous it was, it’s ok if you didn’t but I did

  11. raven being allowed to say on TV that she was robbed twice is the worst thing to have ever happened

  12. Y’all keep forgetting about Ra’Jah saying in front of the cameras that she thinks Plastique is being favored and pointing out that the episode was made for her to win

  13. She was right tho??? And they had to cull off Plastique immediately after that

  14. uj/ I'm still in awe how they let some of these fights go to air. I've seen q few clips over the years and most of them are full on brutal assault.

  15. Well the whole appeal of BGC was the fighting, so the girls were purposefully inflammatory and aggressive with each other, they were there to fight and that’s it 💀

  16. Yes that’s why it got famous because of how violent it was

  17. But most of those you included are Marvel movies, because the MCU is building a multiverse, which has been a thing in Marvel comics for ages. So no that doesn’t make it a trend

  18. Yeah but the used other actors when they show them really young. These flashbacks are from when they’re still teens, just younger. Not a lot of time has passed between the show and these flashbacks, only like 4 years I think or 5

  19. I wish they’d make dragcon 18+ not everything has to be “family friendly”. Side note, Alaska’s pageant didn’t get the liquor license/permit at the last because the event was billed as all ages. And sure enough, at one point the camera panned to the back and there were some young kids there.

  20. Yeah I hate how sanitized these drag events are. Drag is supposed to be irreverent and rebellious, not sweet and age appropriate

  21. I don't remember who it was but I remember a RuGirl saying DragCon being so watered down paralleled how the show has gradually lost its desire to 'be unapologetically queer', I feel like it's something Bob said but I'm really unsure

  22. And this is why I love Drag Race España so much. Aside from the judging panel and drag talent, it just feels so GAY. Like it’s above and beyond unapologetically queer like you said, it doesn’t hold back and doesn’t target the straights, it targets the queer community and it shows. It’s camp, completely irreverent, ridiculous, theatrical and over the top.

  23. Pretty good list overall but it seems like the author went out of their way to exclude Sucker...

  24. Whom ever puts a “W” in aorta needs to repeat medical school.

  25. It’s easier to say in Spanish, same as duodenum (duodeno)

  26. I feel the same too, I mean he already abused maddy, he choked her, grabbing her arm hard and also grabbing her face and squeezing it hard, I can imagine him beating maddy if she didn't have the tape back, nate is abusive and scary and I can understand why maddy gave it to him, she's scared of him

  27. I doubt it, simply because it’s too risky. She would end up bruised up and showing marks of a beating, and yeah maybe he could assume she would blame it on something else but the risk is still too high that it might bite him in the ass later on. He’s smarter than that

  28. 95% of American and English actors couldn’t do it, but why not cast Italian ou danish actors? We are always talking about representation but it’s always the same actors on these big movies.

  29. Because those are big productions the OP used as an example, that’s why. It really isn’t that hard to wrap your head around it. A big production will have more known actors.

  30. I won’t believe it until it’s going from my earphones to my ears, and then I will proceed to check if it’s an official upload or a fan upload, and finally I will check if I’m conscious or developing early signs of psychosis

  31. Not Sky Ferreira deleting the single announcement LMAOOOO

  32. Omg she's in her Joanne era and I am here for it!!

  33. Girl Joanne wishes it had been this interesting, I say this as the most devoted Little Monster 😭

  34. We need a week of chaos. Nothing off limits, every generic discussion post allowed.

  35. Ok this is actually so scarily close to my ranking, not to start a flurry of lists but holy based and swiftpilled

  36. It’s changed quite a lot for me. When I first got into her I preferred her pop albums and reputation was my favorite. But then I became more of a guitar Taylor stan and Speak Now and Red rose whilst reputation shrunk

  37. Does anyone think a Hunger Games prequel starring the Snow character is actually good idea?

  38. It’s based on a book so blame Suzanne Collins really

  39. Pitchfork has only started being positive towards pop records until the last few years.

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